LTCUSD daily - W within the W bottoms

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Can it get more bullish than this?
Target1: 80
Target2: 97
Target3: 116
We're cents away of T1.
@JMKo, sorry that I have more conservative targets. Hope you are still in the game, we are heading to T2 now.
JMKo sifeij
@sifeij, I am in. I love the conservative approach. Less stress!
What exactly do the targets represent? Each point to sell before rebuying for the next target?
Soulace Soulace
@Soulace, I ask because I also see LTC @ 116-119 on this next bull run. But would be even more profitable if I buy and sell my way to it as opposed to just waiting for it to hit 116 directly.
Soulace Soulace
@Soulace, THANK YOU !
sifeij Soulace
@Soulace, Means taking partial profit off the table in case it does not reach the next the same time moving the stop loss upwards to match the target area.
+1 Balas
Soulace sifeij
@sifeij, Awesome, thank you for the help. Which exchange do you use, for stop/loss...poloniex ?
Last question, any time frame as to when you believe it hits 116 if it does?
sifeij Soulace
@Soulace, I don't use the hard stop loss in exchange, I normally manually trigger it. More than often, when it drops hard and quickly, the pullback is also strong, if I want to get out, I will get out at the pull back to minimize the loss.
I am using gdax, poloniex and bittrex.
I do swing trade, so I pretty much ignore the zigzag in the middle of the chart :)
+1 Balas
Soulace sifeij
@sifeij, I really appreciate you taking the time out to respond. Thank you. I am also trying to become a swing trader especially in this ultra speculative space.
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