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Dilihat 217 kali
217 17
LTC touching high support line as i told when BTC go down take all marked with him .

this is safe area for LTC

tack breath

enjoy the trade .
Dagangan aktif: everything is doing well right now ,
we had bad news yesterday that made all market down

everything will be ok if we don't have any bad news coming

i hope you didn't sell in lose

and remember that , if we have bad news = all our thoughts goes another way

and if we have a big correction to BTC all market correction with him
Hello diana who is not diana but i never been to egypt. I dont understand are you saying it will retrace down before bouncing up?
ok mate I believe you don t worry.
I don t consider you as the guy behind Dian Kemala username.
have a nice trade
Egypiana Cryptographist
@Cryptographist, thanks bro
To all have you seen the update on goprofitmax? lol
for me it is still a scam.
Please ask for a refund and you will see. why offering you 1 month?
you have paid, you are not happy, ask refund
this story smells again s...

This guy is acting under different usernames, we found 3 of them.
For the story have a look on the facebkdescription link of fisher bloom but don t link, you will like how he considers you,

Fisher Bloom Psychological Services - Home | Facebook
› Places › Ottawa, Ontario › Psychologist
Fisher Bloom Psychological Services. 25 likes · 1 talking about this. We provide diverse professional counseling and therapeutic services to adults,...

A big thanks to the community who helped me in pm to discover who he is...
And you guy I suggest you to hide your cam computer :)
for a supposed girl you are not too feminine...

The lesson, never pay for TA or anything else...
now it is really finished here for me
trade closed and target reached!
Egypiana Cryptographist
@Cryptographist, i'm not asking for paid or join any think .

I do some analyse for free , some people asked me in chat to join telegram channel or any thing like that .

i don't look at this and if i will have telegram channel or any thing it will be for free too .

I were paid for gold member on goprofitmax, before and i didn't have it Lol . then I had course and a lot of trying to get some profit .

and it was working good with me , then i told my self let's share the profit with other people . but why i want money from you if i make some money by my self ha ?

Diankemala was doing good analyses than me , she doing that for 4 years ago i can't believe she is gone like that .

i'm still learning and trying with some tools like i did in ETC analyse you can check it in my profile , after that i make my idea simple to how want follow my idea .

you can unfollow me if you want but don't tell something I didn't ask about .

anyway have fun ,
@Egypiana, Hi I am not following you. Do want you want to do, people will make their own choice. Have a fun also
Egypiana Cryptographist
@Cryptographist, thanks bro , I hope you believe i'm not a girl , that's killing me Lol
@Egypiana, Hi, who told you it is a girl? he is a guy as you.
aloaax Cryptographist
Egypiana not Dian Kemala he is another guy :D
and iam with u i think @Dian Kemala Will Scam
@aloaax, Hi bro, I know, Egypiana is a nice and good guy. Keep in mind that the person using DIAN KEMALA is not a girl, it is a man...
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