Monacoin is Japan's NEO -Will SKYROCKET SOON - Buy NOW!!

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
Monacoin is already being used in japanese shops now. It was added to Japan's top exchange - Bitflyer couple of weeks ago. Only reason price is little down now is because it's the weekend. Soon it will skyrocket and after the Bitcoin fork in November you can upto 5x gains or more, just like Neo skyrocketed after the bitcoin fork in August.
Dagangan aktif: It's gaining now - Monday in Japan - all banks open for people to buy
Dagangan aktif: Might pullback before 80000 sats like I mentioned in the comment below
Komen: It will follow the trend shown in the graph - keep pulling back and then rise back up after the marketing campaign starts.
Komen: It's pulling back after the ad campaign spike, will update later.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual
any updates ?
festival going on right now in japan, seems to be holding support but doesnt look strong. please advise
Got out with profit. Go back in or wait for for it to come down? Cheers
@THGB, Don't think it will go lower too low from here..it's sort of stabilized now. If you have some left in monacoin i'd recommend leaving it there. But in the crypto world, to make more money, u might need to jump from coin to coin but try to buy in early into a coin that has great potential. I would recommend since you got out to look at the coin XLM - lumens, Feel free to do some research yourself too - many coins show high percent increase in bittrex but this isn't just a pump & dump. lumens has great potential now that ibm is partnering to use it - more companies expected to follow - although over next year banks could create their own coin...but for now this has great potential for growth compared to all other coins out there. check it out for yourself before investing and buy the dips as always - don't buy as it goes up. hold some that you buy really low and sell/rebuy the dips
THGB burdoch197
@burdoch197, thanks. I was in xlm. Normally I dont chase candles but I did this time. Went in on 4800 and sold on 9000. Almost doubled my money.

Are you sure about mona? It seems to be going down right now. Thanks!
OldFnSchool burdoch197
@burdoch197, Dude you effin called that one bro!
Placed sell at 7900. Went to 7700. Too bad. Could have bought more in the dip with the profits. Instead used new fundings to buy at 3.16$.

very interesting ....i am researching about the coin for hours now...and this message makes me super happy...!!! I wish I could read the charts so i can confirm this 100% that is is a super skyrocket coin and we are in very early...any new updates? I just contacted my friend in Japan to get some more details....Thanks again for this great chart....i am following you now !
Hello, is this not the opposite of what you posted before? From P&D scam to Eth of Japan....?
+1 Balas
@THGB, Yeah, that was before Japan embraced it now. It's not a pump & dump anymore.
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