MUSICOIN - Bottomed out - Low risk high reward set up

BITTREX:MUSICBTC   Musicoin / Bitcoin
Good morning friends, I hope you all are doing well.

Let's take a look at musicoin today.
This coin bottomed out in early december and has since bouned from the bottom.

Yesterday, we closed a candle above MA50. This makes today an important day: if it goes green, it will skyrocket. If it doesn't, it is okay too because we have bottomed out so we can long and wait for the breakout.

- Entry: 155-165 with (you can set a stoploss at around 146 and look to buy back in with a breakout confirmation at a higher price)

- Targets:
* 214 (resistance, don't sell)
a) 245
b) 290
c) 320
d) 445

Once you enter, stop staring at the chart. The work is done - we have done the analysis and entered the positions. The only thing left is to let the market play out. Go hang out with friends, hit the gym, read a novel, learn a new skill. If a red candlestick is giving you a headache, it is time to walk away. You will make dumb mistakes and grey hair will be on your head.

Wish you all a profitable day!
Dagangan aktif:

One way to play this position with less risk involved.
Komen: raise stoploss to 167
Dagangan aktif: We closed the daily candle half an hour ago.
Not much movement, but it is green and comfortably above MA50.

This gives us great potential for the day ahead!
Dagangan aktif:

We are green! Slowly but steadily!
As long as nothing significant happens and we don't fall below MA50 all of a sudden, we can expect a BOOOOOOM in a few days!
Dagangan aktif: Congratulations to all that participated in this trade! This trade is going as planned!
I thank you all for visiting and utilizing my ideas, together we can make trading fun and less stressful!
Dagangan aktif:

Daily chart, just closed yesterday with a nice green candle. I would say, we are about to explode :)
Komen: If this information has been beneficial to you, and you would like to benefit my life, too: Please DO! I would greatly appreciate it!
From a six pack of beers, gym membership fees, to a fancy dinner and even a month of rent!

A true symbiotic relationship like ants and aphids! Together, we can make this work!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

As we all know, reward is the best stimulus for supreme motivation!
And if you do decide to contribute, please PM me so I can thank you for your generosity:)

And I wish you all another profitable and great day!
Dagangan aktif: Big WIN!
Dagangan aktif: - Targets:
* 214 (resistance, don't sell)
a) 245 (*REACHED*)
b) 290 (*Reached* ~Actual number 281)
c) 320 (Next target)
d) 445

Hope you all are enjoying this trade!
Dagangan aktif: a) 245 (*REACHED*)
b) 290 (*Reached*)
c) 320 (*Reached*)
d) 445 (next target)

Congratulations again to those who are in this trade!
Feel free to send me a cookie!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

Happy holidays folks!
Dagangan aktif: - fundamentals:
Dagangan aktif: we are close to the next target 445!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: closed a long time ago, forgot to update :/
It'll easily go higher than 445, the chart couldn't be any clearer
AlexCH pa1rick
@pa1rick, One target at a time, I will update once we reach :)
Very well written Alex " If a red candlestick is giving you a headache, it is time to walk away. You will make dumb mistakes and grey hair will be on your head" - Most mistakes happen because of this only. Thanks for sharing your insights.
AlexCH venkateshr
@venkateshr, indeed, remaining calm is a virtue we should all possess.
I'll try this idea ;) Entering a bit late at 175satoshis.
AlexCH Fable
@Fable, that's hope this will be another profitable trade :) Good luck!
Fable AlexCH
@AlexCH, Thanks! I've followed your idea for DGB as well! Thanks for the analysis and the details (targets + buying entry price range) !
AlexCH Fable
@Fable, Wow Fable! Congrats on these two big wins! Happy holidays :)
Fable AlexCH
@AlexCH, Happy holidays to you as well, hoping Crypto Santa will bring some joy ;)
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