NASDAQ - The Pennant

OANDA:NAS100USD   US Nas 100
It's still not too late to enter this trade. I'm still waiting for a 8500-9000 NAS100USD             by the beginning of summer. Maybe even earlier.
I see many people waiting for a re-test of the previous low at 6150$. This is not going to come. We had an ICL at 6150 and those are not used to be tested back.

Right now we are printing a pennant pattern. The pennant's target price is at 7553.9.
7030 will trigger a panic buying. At the break of the previous high will pull in the whole bull horde into this trade:
everybody and his dog will be buying stocks. So I suggest to get in now, or at least at the breakout of the range.
If you wait too much you will be just chasing the price.

This is a unique opportunity. Comes only once in every 10-15 years.
Don't get left behind : if the train leaves the station the next vehicle might be a spaceship 15 years later.
Komen: Are we breaking out from the range finally?
MACD crossed over above zero.
Komen: Breakout of the range and a new high.
Weekly maximum close will be
Komen: I would like to stress again this is the greatest opportunity of this year and maybe this decade.
Komen: One could add when RSI gets oversold on the hourly.
There might ormight not be a testback of the range.
I think the chance is slim for that.
Komen: So we couldn't test back the range.
It's an extremely powerful rally. I think when the triangle breaks out new highs are coming . This is the last pattern before the fireworks start.
Komen: Panic buying above 7032:
Komen: Nas100USD broke out leading all the indices.
Komen: We rallied 1000 points in 4 weeks. The big money was in this trade. Not gold not oil not miners. Nasdaq. And it’s just starting.
Komen: This is the point where you can add or enter at the breakout.
Komen: So far so good:
Komen: Just in case if we are whitnessing a dotcom like parabolic stage I will post a new idea (Title:Boiler room)where the entry will be this backtest at 7030. I will try to take profit at or near at the parabolic top later ar the end of this year. This pennant idea will be closed once we hit 7553.
Komen: If a parabolic stage is evolving the top can be anywhere between 9000 to 15.000. I know most of you is saying now Im crazy. Keep in mind what happened in Bitcoin.
It looks dangerous
@chartwatchers For now we do not have Trump protection but opposite Trump and global politics is main problem.
@chartwatchers what about the S&p?! Same idea?!
chartwatchers PRO DavidCamalhao
NASDAQ is leading the rally. SPX will follow later. Oil needs to find its ICL so the SPX new highs might come only after the Oil ICL.
Thanks for your sharing.

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Great call on this one.
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I just don’t understand those people asking constantly about updates and so on, 50% loss etc.. you had perfect calls and very miwerable once but you always gave nice analysis and explanations why you are dooing it. People trading your strategy and not their own trading planns are for me not trafers and can with same probability go to casino and most probably with black and red will have more succcess. Margins, portfolio SL and so on are not your problem but their. Thank you for the nice work with chalanging ideas and continue so!!!
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kizly kizly
@kizly, sorry for spelling- fat finger on mobile.
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@chartwatchers Be careful. When you have a good call on long Nasdaq, you have a bad call on short oil, and vice versa.
Well done! Great call!
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