NATGAS Natural Gas Long Idea

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Trading between the descending trend lines , it appears low risk to buy NATGAS or UGAZ here at the lower trend line . Look for higher prices going forward.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Upper trend line was reached, I hope everyone got out and made good $$$
In my humble view,its a buy time..not a sell time..the winter rally is just about to start..Big Boys have fully exausted the short side.The "demolition" of DGAZ has already started and masssive "attack" is imminent..possibly tomorrow..after -330× report..
Why to opt for a small scalping profit now when gains in UGAZ in coming weeks are enormous???
Solid call!!!! Great analysis.
agree, same bias!
I'm out already, 10-1 split yesterday froze me from trading half the day. It was down in pre-market, sold for $50.35 for a 16% loss. It is trading at $52 now. Gas report is out in 30 minutes so we'll see if this unexplained move is people who know the report. Used the money to pick up some more GBTC which has been good for me this year.
Sure! I'll bite. I'm in a $5.96 UGAZ - Hoping for a very cold Christmas in the NE this year.
Good work, matches up with what I am looking at on my chart. Should be bullish unless there is some sort of surprise that pushes this lower.
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