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POLONIEX:NAUTBTC   Nautiluscoin / Bitcoin
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$Naut has been following the golden rule of its philosophy.
Apply F on previous tops and you'll understand where it's going to go this year.
All hail 1.168.

We're talking about a X10 from here.
Currently it's trading at ~20 USD cents. $2 per coin is not only possible, but the new ATH could be somewhere $5. Supply is limited, only 16,180,000 NAUT exist and will ever exist.
Tripple bottom on monthly.

Something 95% of traders who trade this coin don't know that Brian Kelly is launching www.PAR. io
(More detailed info can be found in the whitepaper, which can be found at the bottom of this post. If you're a serious investor, I'd recommend you read it ASAP and understand why NAUT lives matter.)
This coin has a purpose, it's a problem solver to a very big issue. It's not just another sh*tcoin.

There might be a shakeout (or not, since it's quite bullish ) before we see sharp upwards moves, but I don't expect to see price falling under 10k satoshi anytime this year. (If BK doesn't want it to.)

Volume is quite high on poloniex and there's a lot of buy support (130 BTC at the time of this post)

This is one of my biggest bets and I'm not hiding my agenda. I own near 2% of total supply and I'm not going to sell a single coin under $1.80. I see this investment as a very long investment and I'm very bullish for the next 5 years.

Useful links:

Where to buy $NAUT / $PAR (Recommended exchange due to 95% of total liquidity is on poloniex): https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_naut

Website: http://par.io
PAR. io whitepaper: http://par.io/whitepaper.pdf
BK's twitter: https://twitter.com/BKBrianKelly
(If you see him tweeting about NAUT or PAR, it might be too late to jump on this rocket)
NAUT/PAR twitter: https://twitter.com/Nautiluscoin

And, if you like the way I shill, follow me on twitter:

Wish you good luck with trading and happy earnings .
Komen: Forgot to add the main website below links:
Sucks that BK had to go in lowlife mode to shakeout people. I've doubled my position.
Thanks, BK.
There are multiple stories that this coin is scam. Have you intel it is not? And where can we find that developers are still busy with naut?
Interesting analysis, thank you. considering your daily chart, we are already moving towards the third spike? i will give it a shot :)
RandomPleb dom_santiago
@dom_santiago, One picture is better than 1000 words they say :)

Worst case scenario 12k, but.. I'm bullish, very bullish.
dom_santiago RandomPleb
@RandomPleb, thx alot. more confident now :)
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