Volume Supporting Move Gotta post! Cash Is King

BINANCE:NCASHBTC   Nucleus Vision / Bitcoin
Here you have a very new coin breaking out not much to look at on the charts for it's history but the volume and momentum of this trade is supporting it.

I have not entered yet it's currently siting against strong resistance, I will buy on the next candle after the pullback. If you jump down to 30 min charts you will see the next candle will retrace.

This is an easy 10% profit ahead, remember this is a pair we are trading Ncash and BTC , if BTC crashes fast and hard close this trade sell out and wait.

RSI is showing strong momentum, the Blue Arrow is showing the volume increase. You will see the 20 and the 50EMA have just crossed all of these indicators are very bullish signs confirming this move and the strength of it.

Targets .00000273, .00000282, .00000291. This is 10%+ profit, since we are entering on the bottom of the pullback put your stop loss tight just 1% below entry, then target 1 is not hard to reach, the reason I made it close as this is a line of resistance if we close over it target 2 is easy to achieve. The resistance will become support so make sure after target 1 you move your stop above your entry to guarantee profits.

Cash is King! Enjoy earning it.
Komen: here is the 30 min chart to buy bottom of pullback

Komen: This chart is clearer on entry, i am in at .00000260

Dagangan aktif: Target 1 was just hit, now move your stop loss up to entry. This now means it's impossible for you to lose.

All upside form here on in no risk now on this trade so get some rest enjoy yourself.
Dagangan aktif: Target 2 alarm just went off, time to move up your stop loss while we go for target 3.

Now you are guaranteed profit on this trade, so get some rest and enjoy.

Cash Is King
Dagangan aktif: Targets here reached we have hit Target 3.

If you want to continue move your stop loss to target 2 and next target would be .00000299

I have sold as I like in and out traders and here I already have over a 10% profit.

Cash Is King! Let's make more of it today
Komen: I think the most devastating thing about being banned was not being able to update this trade!

Ok so basically as you will see when first posted we went up smashed targets sold out made $$$ then they day after we seen the same set up come again.

A lot of seasoned traders that see this thread know's if the same set up comes into play again it's the same trade so you go round 2.... not only did we smash all targets again the price is still flying up!

Don't worry the ban was a misunderstanding now I am here to stay long so I won't let you miss out on things like this again. I hope some of you got onto thew round 2 I know I did.
Komen: Update for you all, look at this trade go looks like we will never stop right?

Below on that chart you will see volume is flying up, while this happens its still a safe trade.

However if you bought this trade at the start of this idea then you will nearly be up 80% in profits. What I would do is take out ALL the money I put into this trade and keep my profit only in there so then I am trading risk free.....

Now you will also see resistance at .00000454 so don't enter a trade at a time like this as it may bounce back, it also needs a retrace as this has been a monstrous leg compared to others.

Trade safe Cash Is king but it's not real until its in your hand so bank some of this.

Komen: Sorry went to post a new write up on ncash and accidentally hit delete after published and lost the content.

Here is the chart.... Looks like we will break low, but if holding wait until this formation plays out..... If wanting to buy don't buy until we break high of triangle and close above

But currently indicators say we will break low based off loss of volume and momentum on the decline.

Cash Is King!

Komen: Hi Peeps, we broke low as expected sorry I missed the update we broke Low at .00000436 it was the next candle after the above chart. I hope you sold then.... little late now.

I did do a thread but yeah it was deleted by accident.

I will try watch this for when we renter..... If we do.....

Right now we have no momentum and volume isn't coming in strong enough so down we go..... I will update once we have support
Komen: Just checked charts we have support at .00000404 lets see if it holds, if it does I can update you on entry
Komen: For those of you that bought into this trade late and bought high as many of you have messaged. Make sure you collect profits when you go back over your entry.

Ncash displays strong resistance as this level. I am not saying its going to stop here but I would be collecting profits.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Idea Berkaitan

enjoy ur take on the not so covered ncash, TA aside, this time next year ncash should b nicely priced
i am still holding, 404 is a good support i guess. waiting for the update.
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