EASY 90 % profit for the LAZY trader. Play NEO like a boss!

Hello, D4-fans!

D4rkEnergY is aware of, that not everyone wants to sit in front of the computer everyday and look at charts and prices going up and down! If you also have a life outside the Crypto world, if you also like to spend time with your family, friends and girlfriend (or boyfriend), like to watch football and also loves to party in the weekends, then this trading opportunity is for you!

D4rkEnergY has made a guide to the lazy trader out here, who wants to make 90 % profit with minimum effort! Lets go, my beloved fans!

NEO is among the most bullish coins out there at the moment! If we look at the 1D NEOUSD chart, we only see bullish signs.

1. A perfect Elliot Wave 12345
2. A nice Elliot Wave Correction abc
3. The RSI is making higher lows
4. We just had a bullish MACD-cross
5. On the 4h chart we just had an EMA GOD-cross (EMA50 above EMA100 and EMA200), which means we are in an uptrend.

One of the core TA principles is that we believe in that history and patterns will continue to repeat it self over time. D4rkEnergY has therefore used the Trendbased Fibonacchi Extension tool to measure where you should buy and sell!

Follow D4rkEnergYs guide and you will earn your self about 90 % profit. You are welcome!

You can already start buying now!

D4rkEnergY is everywhere
D4rkEnergY predicts everything

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Price 10ETH/Y

(Only 2 Seats Left 3ETH/Y)


were you wrong or were you wrong.
+2 Balas
Trade closed as incorrect
Easy lol.. xD
Easy ehh. like a boss. How about 30% in in a horizontal move? and I haven't even reached your sell price yet.. good job boss.
@D4rkEnergY can you tell me how you draw the fib retracement, without having a top? I understand the bottom, but i don't know how you decide where the top will be?
+2 Balas
can we still buy in now even thought the market seems to be going down due to btc?
@D4rkEnergY Can we still buy in now even thought the market seems to be going down due to btc?
+2 Balas
nice chart...thanx man!!!
Thanks for the analysis! What time frame would u estimate we’ll see the final target?
+3 Balas
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