Projecting planetary lines on NFLX chart

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Projecting some future selling areas for this stock.
Saturn and Jupiter have the most influence most of the time. So keep a good eye on these levels the coming year.

Good luck to you all.

Whop, whop, whop, WD Gann-amStyle.
Komen: Based on cycles analysis I strongly advice not to buy NFLX till at least end this month. It will try to retest previous highs before continuing this rally. You can try to short it but that's not my style.
Komen: We just bounced off Saturn @ 278.68
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: After bouncing between the Moon and Saturn we started a journey to Uranus at 333.81. Keep a good eye on this level if we hold and breakthrough we have a nice high pressure area to take care off between ~352.44 and ~368.37.
I'm guessing your using western astrology here! Im studying Vedic astrology but find it hard to plot the lines on charts, i know you take the degree it is at in the current horoscope starting the count from Aries and then add 360 or multiples of it. What i don't understand is what day to take the degree reading! and what if we are dealing with fx with numbers like 0.98 for eg.
We just bounced off Saturn @ 278.68
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