The first time I noticed Nokia was when they suddenly beat their profits.

At the time I noticed what a disaster has the company been since 2007. It got some respite, as Microsoft bought it, but it did not do a lot of good.

Even during 2017, when the world experienced a record boom, Nokia was like - Hold my beer! - and the stock went down.

Recently the price recovered as they turned out to have sold some of their licenses or other stuff, but .. I don't get it.. How is selling off assets considered good.. Must have been algos and "smart" people buying, who just look at EPS .

From a technical perspective.. Looks like the resulting surge has finally hit a resistance on the daily chart . The charts shows that it will go down.

Both aspects align.. so I expect it to go down.

By the way, who has a Nokia or Microsoft phone? ;)
Komen: My mistake. I did not research that they were going to make an announcement on Sunday.

However, the losses in terms of the options that I picked up aren't even noticeable.
Komen: Due to the small position that I have on this, I think that it can live its own life and I will check on it at the most once per week or something.

The reason is that the closest long term support would already be above my max set risk, which is locked in by owning long term puts.
it's going up though..
TheYanus duke2duke
@duke2duke, Yeah, but my short is a small position until June. Nothing for the short term on this one.
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