NZDUSD-Short Position- For Atleast 600 Pips!

FX_IDC:NZDUSD   Dolar New Zealand/Dolar U.S
Based on AB=CD pattern , Time Ratio & Gann Analysis. This is a potential Short position for at-least 600 Pips, It has a potential for 1500 or more pips, the minimum expectation is 600 Pips from this trade !

I am following this pair for quite a long time now and already made a good profit. I'm already in this trade and keep adding new short positions if it goes higher as I don't see any move which shows a good opportunity to buy.

This trade has a complete structure and every single move will earn you Huge Pips. I have tried to mark the best entry points.

.TP & SL are mentioned in the chart.

Adjust your Stop Loss according to your lot size,
account equity ,strategy & money management.

***If you want to get in this trade from this point or 0.72565, you can still catch 500+ pips till TP1 is reached, however It may still go up keeping the current situation in mind , It is recommended to enter with a smaller lot size if you want to take a short position right away & manage your stop loss accordingly.

***New Zealand Employment Change QoQ will be released in 8 hrs             from now followed with other events & high volatility is expected so it is recommended to wait and see the impact and then enter the trade.

Good Luck.!

* This is my personal view and analysis on this chart. If you follow this idea please plan your trade according to your lot size and account equity .

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Hi Jaffery! Your vacation has ended? LOL Thanks for this idea. I will surely use it if I have enough patience.
Jaffery Give_me_Fuel
Yea was quite busy with other stuff, didn't get a chance to post any new idea lately. I see a good potential in this pair to go short so I posted today .. Use your strategy and make good money going short.. :)
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