OmiseGO OMG Bullish Breakout 100%+ LONG

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
7 MA over 77 MA on 1 day chart = stronk breakout candidate = Bullish
Mac D on 1 day and 4 Hr             charts showing positive divergence = Buillish
RSI Pumping = Bullish
Increased volume on 1 day chart = Bullish
Bullish pennant on 1 Hr             chart = STRONK

Bullish Pennant on 1 Hr:

TARGETS based on Fibonacci Levels below but we could hit ATH             on this push:

Do your own research before buying this coin. I am not an expert and this is only an idea of mine.

If you would like to tip me with some of your earnings:

My OMG Wallet: 0xace97fc36fa5bdb881aa6d32e3a6386c9455db39
My BTC             Wallet: 1JWGq6YWoENLK1nrRRtCUQeARcod78Za37
My LTC Wallet: LTddysmLQr1v1wusHgDG4CLjeSsJ1FQbUZ
My ETH Wallet: 0x1676ae4c42028fc1a4e6fc6338e677337d7fdc6c
Komen: OMG is looking really strong. We hit our first Fibonacci target of 139944 last night and I think it could hit the next target of 169519 within the next 24 hours. Let's go!
Komen: All aboard the gain train! Choo choo!
Komen: OMG pushing again as we speak! Let’s goo!
Komen: OMG broke 165k Satoshis which was just under the 2nd target of Fibonacci resistance. It corrected then was on it's way up again to break that resistance when BTC decided to push and stop the run. I think OMG will pick up steam this week to break that resistance. I think OMG is still a good buy around 133k where it is at right now. Easily could hit ATH by the time this push is finished. Tons of volume on this fairly new coin and we are just getting started.
Komen: Still showing positive Mac D divergence on the 1 day chart, as well as the 1hr chart. The histogram shown below on the 4hr chart is showing that momentum is starting to shift upwards.
Komen: OMG had a huge push today, eclipsing 179K sats. 4 Hr and Daily charts look super stronk. Holding this coin for now. I will likely look to sell around 240000 satoshis.
Komen: OMG about to move up again. Bullish flag on 1 hr chart.
Seems btc is blocking the road
+1 Balas
yankee3313 PRO retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, only temporary. OMG at Black Friday prices right now
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