$PAY.X #cryptocurrency #PAYBTC near support levels

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
Possibly good for range-bound trading here, with buys in the green support zone and appropriate stop losses. Could be stuck in this rectangle for a while, so position sizing range-bound trades vs. long term swings will be important. TenX recently had some fundamental issues, discussed here: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/05/some-cry.... You may want to take that into account, even for trading purposes.
Seems like a lot of pissed of TenX customers out there. CEO looks glazed
I think this is all news related at the moment and we may not see any movement up until they work out their card support issues and get their banking in order.
@dmbvideo, totally agree with you; they have some hurdles to jump for sure since they touted their card's usability in Europe as a foundation for moving into other markets. This hurts. But, on the other hand, given the seemingly large impact this news should have on their business, the price has been remarkably stable. Could be a sign there.
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dmbvideo JustChartThings
@JustChartThings, true, I am watching close as I actually like the company and want them to succeed ( and for me to profit along the way ) :)
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