New coin to me but looks really solid and look at that chart!

BITTREX:PIVXBTC   Pivx / Bitcoin
MACD , volume , and pattern in confluence.
Komen: Nice
Komen: One of the few bright spots over the last couple of days. BTC continues to look for footing which has hampered alts a bit.
Dagangan aktif: PIVX is love.
Incredible coin (if you want to dig into it's tech beyond just trade/analysis). This isn't just immediate gain...this is a long hold.
1) Masternodes
2) Proof of Stake
3) zPIV (custom zerocoin / PRIVACY on Steroids) for anonymous transaction and de-linking your accounts to the sends
4) TOR capable (for IP masking if desired)
5) 55million coins (22million locked in masternodes, probably another 20million staking...small supply available)
6) NO Ico, No Premine/Instamine scams.
7) 10% of block reward to treasury for continued development (decided by community through governance voting mechanims)
8) LARGE global footprint
9) Major Asian exchanges coming
10) zDEX
11) Cold storage of MN collateral

And the list goes on ;)
LuckyLefty SnappySnap

Appreciate the insight. I plan to hold this coin for a while. I've been looking into it since I saw this chart and it looks amazing. Is it asic resistant as well?
SnappySnap LuckyLefty
@LuckyLefty, 100% asic resistant!!!! Guess how? It's Proof of Stake :) So, slap your PIV into a desktop wallet, and earn 5%+ a year on average! Don't have to worry about mining attacks, etc. Also, we've run the would take a 99.7% attack on PIVX (meaning, you would have to own 99.7% of the PIV) to have a likely chance of taking over the network. This is because every block in PIVX has double validation (most coins only have single). In PIVX, it takes both a staker and a masternode, independent of one another, to validate the block. So, you'd have to have enough PIVX to be the staker validating the block AND the masternode validating that same block, 100x's in a row.


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