RDD 30 Minute

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
RDD in a descending channel looking to breakout above .0000066. The channel is consolidating towards the support line at 66. If the Breakout can cross over the two resistance lines then it should move to 144 before stalling. This looks to be a 5 to 8 day move based on the current volume . There has been an increase in buying support in the last 24 hours. if BTC stays stable then this scenario is likely. If you scroll over the target area you can see the estimated gains on a $1,000 investment @ 75. If we fall below 45 then the bottom looks like 10. Favorable tech news on this coin and recent increase in interests show huge potential.

1) 75 Entry Point
2) 95 Resistance Line
3) 105 Resistance Line
4) 144 Resistance Line take 20% Profit
5) 179 Resistance Line take 55% Profit
6) 194 Resistance Line take 25% Profit
7) 196 Open to Blue Sky Playing with house money

This is a long term trade. Patience is key! Hodl this coin
Komen: Patience with this coin. Briefly reached target 1. BTC rally reversed its course. I will update soon.
@vthokiee97 looks like the journey to your targets has started?
update please
Lol its like RDD is glue to the resistance... Bittrex really needs to open up for new accounts again :/
vthokiee97 Icekalt
@Icekalt, yes. It is not leaving the line very much. This can be a good sign though. If this becomes the new bottom then we can definitely go up from here. I will update my charts tomorrow. Thanks for your comments
epicallan vthokiee97
@vthokiee97, I was thinking the same. I Have a similar idea
vthokiee97 epicallan
@epicallan, yes. I think after the 1st when buyers come back to the market they will see RDD is in a perfect formation to fly. Just a little positive news from there team would really set it upwards.
epicallan vthokiee97
@vthokiee97 Yes. I also think if momentum stays up as it has started lately we could fly really quick. If we can maintain 75 for a while and not drop back to 66 that would be super.
vthokiee97 epicallan
@epicallan, yes 75 is seeming to become a new line of support if we can just maintain it without any dips below. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll keep this updated
Sorry to shut your hopes down but I don't think it would break out at the moment. In its 1D chart the downtrend is still countinuing. I suppose it would dump to 30-35 satoshi in mid January and then bounce back. Just be patient
update please
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