RDD/BTC + RDD/USD - Another potential 1100% [R:R - 40%:1100%]

BITTREX:RDDUSD   ReddCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
ReddCoin has been gaining traction lately, it recently rose 1300%, and we are expecting another MAX target of 1100%. It has retraced 61.8% which marks the second wave of Elliot Wave Theory and means the third wave will soon commence. Be vigilant in watching the 1.618x and the 2.618x. If it retraces at the 1.618x you may hold your long because this usually means an extended wave 5 will happen (If the retracement at 1.618x is a wave 4 retracement)

Unique PoSV Concept
The "PoSV," or proof of stake velocity algorithm, is a new means of validating blocks. Traditionally, coins have used proof of work or proof of stake ( bitcoin and ethereum are mined using these two methods, respectively).

Happy New Year!

Komen: Targets still active, with BTC retracing for wave 2 it seems a lot of the alts paired under /BTC are suffering. In the meantime, you can stake your coins with the Reddcoin wallet available at https://www.reddcoin.com/
Hi, can you pls update?
coming in now
Great!! Thanks
Are you saying it will reach $0.16 shortly ?
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This is great! Thanks
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