How to increase accuracy on 5 EMA trading?

5 EMA is a simple setup to understand that is, if the trend is uptrend and the bar's low is above 5 EMA without touching 5 EMA, we will say this candle as an alert candle for the next bar when the high of the alert candle breaks, our alert candle moves to that bar, but if the low breaks on the next bar, we say the market might reverse from above. We take the entry down and put SL at the top of the bar or on the nearest swing, i.e. HH, and the risk/reward ratio is 1:2 minimum or more.

How to Increase Accuracy with Volume indicator?
How I trade on 5 EMA Indicator POS?

Answer :

The short answer is that I used ]volume and swing waves[/b. Volume helps in identifying market trends by providing a great deal of clarity. If the market is uptrend and we look for a reversal, then I watch first the swing Position such as signal is drawn on chart before Swing 5th I ignore, on 5th wave / swing completion and I take trade if signal on chart, if volume of Signal Candle is smaller than breakout candle.


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