SPX500: Metal Fatigue Signs?

FX:SPX500   Indeks S&P 500
Metal fatigue is a weakening of metal due to stress, resulting in an accumulation of small cracks.
Komen: A mandatory mental tune up before every trading session. At least 15-20 minutes. It is useful.
Komen: What happens when you have excessive energy in a limited space? That's right. It explodes.
Komen: Solid professional advice: buy stocks and go on vacation for 2 weeks. Don't worry about nothing. It's gonna be OK. The VIX is low too. So it's all good. :)
Komen: a chart and a poem today:
Komen: We gradually dig ourselves into so much informational trash without even noticing it that it's hard to believe. Just stepping away and looking at a bigger picture can be life changing. Like a child does it before he is completely conditioned to the common idiocy.
Komen: Now back to the lines and the patterns. Lol.
Komen: Now you guys post here and tell me if you disagree. We need a balance of opinions.
In my opinion this is a big bull trap.. I am watching the Open Interest for the ES every day, it tells me if new money enters the market, as of now the "rally" we see this week is not confirmed with new money, the OI is not moving.. I am not buying this kind of market - and I dont see the sell signal yet... patience
FoggyLights IlyaFradkin
@IlyaFradkin, I agree. Apart from this and what I was saying above is that we don't really need to know the direction. We place a probability bet with a limited risk. As long as the chances are slightly in our favor we win. Time needs to be managed too as it's a risk factor in trading. Overtrading is a slow death. Opinion :) Thank you for the discussion.
FoggyLights IlyaFradkin
@IlyaFradkin, the volume is pretty low for a potential breakout btw, but anything can happen and will happen.
IlyaFradkin FoggyLights
@FoggyLights, agree! Trading is about risk and money menegement, this is the fist rull :)
FoggyLights IlyaFradkin
@IlyaFradkin, Agreed. At this level for instance some traders will go long and some will go short. Who is going to loose? Only those who don't manage the risk. Nobody can ever know where the price will go from here.
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