STELLAR / USD Consolidating - Pasted in Comments...

...for easier viewing.

Indicators for this one will be added later after I finish setting "crossing down" alarms on other USD pairs.
Komen: Simply an update on progress. Plenty of downside pressure still in play. This pair will move slower than most other USDT pairs.

Komen: Simply posting a "record" of where STELLAR went to in more of a closeup with indicators:

Komen: IF Stellar comes back down:

Komen: Let you see why I THINK this may be coming down more:

Komen: Simply an update... I also moved the entry point a tad higher. Use your own judgement as for entry with this coin. It has LOTS of potential to do BIG things!

30m and 60m:

Komen: You can kind of scatter multiple entry buy orders within the red on the entry. If some of the lower ones do not get filled, you can simply do a market order if you happen to be awake an monitoring this pair at the time it moves up strongly.
Komen: May also be a good idea to divide what is not filled into 3rds.

1 third for for immediate buy in on a sign of strength.
1 third for a possible dip.
1 third for a potential 2nd dip.

In the long run this pair should do very well.
Komen: Looks like they did not want to let it go down more for people to get in cheap.
Komen: I probably should have posted this one earlier cause it was a nice setup. It was perfect down to the 0.618 FIB. Loaded up... I'll try to notify on the next one.

Komen: STELLAR might have peaked and we are at the beginning stages of a slow bleed dump. Have to keep an eye on it.
Komen: I dumped my STELLAR for a profit. Was scaring the hell out of me. ;-)
Komen: Without Indicators:

With Indicators:

Komen: I'm posting this message in a couple more of my publications than just this one. So, if you get multiple notifications, it's the same message being posted:


What the Dying Elderly told me:
Agree. Time for a healthy correction.
ProwdClown john999999

Yes, and there's plenty of room for continued downside pressure from what I'm seeing in the indicators.
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