[USDJPY][UPDATE] Little update to take the Long!!

FX:USDJPY   Dolar U.S/ Yen Jepun
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143 9
Hi Everybody!,

I posted few days ago on this one. If you missed the long here is another chance to get it!.

DXY still ranging but touched it;s major resistance 100.65 few times now and retracing so normally we still have the time to make some money on the long here.

Trade with Care ! : Ranging mode is active. So key plan is to wait.

As I said in my profil, If PA doesn't go where I want it to go, I do not trade! If you follow me do same!! And I always wait for a signal to get in. And I get in on the RIGHT candle, If I miss the right candle I don't trade!. My SL is 95 % of the time under 10 pips. So my MAJOR Asset is Patience.

Anyway it was just a little reminder!

Everything is on the chart. Need explanations ? ask your questions. Need my Idea on any other thing let me know.

**Never forget your helmet when you take the right candle**
**Enjoy trading ! it's thrilling"
**SL should NOT and almost NEVER be beyond 10 pips! JUST Wait for the right moment to get in ( Currencies )***
**I am trying to be as much precise that I can. **
**Use TradingView as a confirmation tool for your own strategy**
**Please study hard before placing your money on Forex**

Look at my other ideas right Below.
**You like what you see ? give it a thumbs up**

Komen: There will be another chance to get in. Don't worry about it. Coming back soon with an update, when the PA will be in a good position. cheers
Komen: We see it better in the 10 mins TF, but I don't have the Pro... But basically it's this.

Komen: I got out of this one. I am now on USDCAD short for the moment. I will come back with updates or new trades later. My technique works on everything if you want me to analyze a pair, let me know !
Komen: Anyway It went as expected I hope everyone enjoyed it !
Well it hit 114.776 ... God I need this to go down ;o(
BabasNumbaOne gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, This update is just for you my friend! not To make any trade.

gaptraderhq BabasNumbaOne
@BabasNumbaOne, Thankyou so much... its a start. Fingers crossed it goes all the way to 109ish... so I can bail out without to much damage!!! I appreciate the reply & your time. Cheers
gaptraderhq BabasNumbaOne
@BabasNumbaOne, Do you follow NG???
BabasNumbaOne gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, NZDGBP? hmm not especially ... Everything works ... wait I will look
BabasNumbaOne gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, here u go

gaptraderhq BabasNumbaOne
@BabasNumbaOne, HAHAHA thats awesome. You know why. Silly me typed the wrong pair in lol ... I meant to put in NZD/USD ;o( Sorry ... Hey whats your thoughts on NG. Its killing me right now!
BabasNumbaOne gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, NZDUSD? Here u go!

gaptraderhq BabasNumbaOne
@BabasNumbaOne, had a small correction up. Are you still planning short? Cheers
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