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Rand way over-valued, should be at least in the 14.00s by the end of the year. Long dollar
Komen: So, this weekend, that governing party of South Africa, the ANC (African National Corruption) are having a conference to elect a new leader.

Should Jacob Zuma's wife be elected, this country is FUCKED, this currency is FUCKED, we are all FUCKED. But you'll make money on this trade so it's ok.
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Ramaphosa being priced in. May see a sudden turn of events if Zuma's wife gets elected somehow
Is this idea still valid? Price at 13.17ish now, thanks
ZABTC ParinD30
@ParinD30, stopped out, seems that people are speculating Zuma's wife won't get in, and Ramaphosa instead
@ZABTC, looks like rama is being priced in right now. Im still holding a long for longer term...will see how it plays out
ZABTC ParinD30
@ParinD30, good luck - we may see a plot twist and Zuma's wife get elected, you never can tell. This is Africa, after all
What is the likely hood that zuma wife gets elected?
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