GOLD / Friday / High Frequency Algorithm before NFP.

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Sorry today no Interactive trading because I have to Focus on the event of the day.
Which is NFP.
All Interactive trading Ideas are attached below! Thanks for enjoying them, and thanks for support.

Today I am doing more serious thing.
A lot of close people here know I am mathematician and when it comes to Forex I use only mathematics.
I don't know nothing about waves, patterns, trend lines , candle patterns, ichimoku clouds , etc, because I just Value my hard earned money a lot to trust it on these strategies.
Everything that it out there in public, all books, all strategies that are out there waiting for you to learn them are not unique. Trading methodology I use cannot be found on the internet, it is genuine and uniqe.
I still fail, and fail alot because I still study it and know maybe just 20% of it and how it has to be used.
But one day I get there completely.

Since it is NFP it is time to turn on my High Frequency Robot that I have created.
Why I call it High Frequency is because it can process up to 100k price movements in a second.
It is very complicated but simple to use. It is analyzing wave lenght, frequency of the wave and in which diapasone price currently is.
If price is Above Current Price secant 1 minute before News event, It is a signal to open Short position.
If Price is below current Price secant it is a signal to open Long.
Transistions and Permanent Volumes, well no need to explain that.

Here it is working in automated mode and processing price movements. Up to 100k fluctuations in a second.

Minutes before the NFP I will be looking up the CPS and executing a trade before NFP based on CPS level.
I will add more lots on PV levels when they are scanned and approved.
My Goal is 20k profit from this event, either up or down, anything above 20k is a Bonus that will be donated to charity.

If I don't feel safe tomorrow or there are some glitches I won't be opening order.

NOTE - If you participate in this trade, you do it on your own risk! I am not responsible for your loses if they occur.
Let's wait the Event and I will update the Idea before the event about what position ( long / Short ) I am opening before NFP.

Komen: I will be going live on tomorrows key event trade, on Periscope. So if you have Periscope you can look up @paradigmgold and enjoy the profits ( hopefully ) together with me live.
Komen: Feel the heat Coming? Are you shaking?
3 hours 25 mins left.
It's coming!
I will live on periscope 10 mins before. So just to talk with you and get ready!
Komen: I am in Office.
And getting ready for the battle.
I will update once the live stream starts, and will update what position I am taking.
Let's enjoy this.
Komen: Okay I am going live on Periscope and prepare for the trade.
For other that won't be there, I will update idea with the position I am taking.
I am getting very nervous here, and you will understand why, later!
Komen: I am buying!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Here you go the event got long.
I am dissapointed of this small movement, but I tried to do what I can.
Take it for what it's worth!
How did your trade go? Were people stopped out? did you take profit? It made a quick move down right before the news came out. Now, 2 hrs after release, it seems it will retrace.
TheZabisyu OutsideTheBoxHK
I am happy that most of the people did save their accounts and closed the painfull longs today, but there are a lot that lost.
Some lost because they got in the buy with FULL BANK, well yea, F the money management.
Some got margin calls.. But anyway I said the right dirrection, and it got long, and trade was closed in profit.
I am done for this week.
Atukamix TheZabisyu
I want to thank you for your analysis, and yes i am the retarded one with MM like potato :D :D Long story short, if i bought for half lots i would have been in profit as fuck :D
TheZabisyu Atukamix
Thank you too bro
Oh man I can't join periscope right now (working). PLEASE update this page in time man :pray:
Whats your name on Periscope mate?
TheZabisyu CamronK
@paradigmgold ( Put that in previous update )
CamronK TheZabisyu
Can i ask you man, how many lots you trade? :) Thanks and thanx for the effort you put into this :)
TheZabisyu Atukamix
5-10 lots on my 80k account and 15 and more on other acc that has balance more than 100k.
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