GOLD / 500oz swing / High Frequency /Building Permits Direction

OANDA:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Hello, guys!
I won't write much here, and post screenshoots this time.
People been asking can I say direction before Building Permits, and I say - Yes I can.
I see the same daily swing picture I had seen before.
Sell signal is strong, only difference is, that if we break 1316, we can see a daily swing rally to 1330 in no time.
Because of that, I will try to say the direction before Building permits data arrive with HF.
Right now I would look for sells from 1315-16 area.
I will update during the day, and especially before Building Permits.
If HF shows Long signal before Building Permits, we have a chance to break 1316 and rally to 1330, very fast.
I will look where the price will be close to before news, and react properly on what HF shows!
If HF shows long 2 mins before news, I want to close my sells.
Komen: For those who are pain free, don't sell guys.
For those who have hedge positions ( in pain )..
Hold sells, wait for Building Permits, I will update this Idea 2 mins before with HF signal.
If it is long we have a chance to close sell, and see rally to 1330 so this way you can gain more margin... But have to wait and see where the price will be before BP..
Komen: Small buy on opening to 1315 can work out good. In my case it is around 2k profit.
Let's try.
Dagangan aktif: Okay, 5 lot buy was entered right on opening. TP 1315.00
Let's see how it works out
Komen: Will be almost 30 pips, approx 2,5k in profit, not bad at all.
Komen: I have no Sell limit placed, I will watch how price acts. 1315,16 should send Gold down to 1312, then 1306 again, but I will see how Price behaves, and update.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: I like when MHI us above close that high! Always reached, but rare when U can get it high enough..
2,6k guys.
Now let's see!! huh.. can we sell?
Dagangan aktif: Okay F it. Sell entered from 1314.
Komen: 1315 became minor swing support.
Can it hold selling pressure from wave 6 while 1316 not broken... Will see.
Komen: It can break 1316 and rally. If that happens watch for 21.
But Like I said based on Daily swing rally to 1330 is very possible if 1316 is broken.
Going to sleep.. see you all before Building permits.
Komen: Once it dives under 1315 it confirms the failure to break current swirl again ( 1316 ).. Let's see hnow this develops..
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Hello. Sell worked out fine. False break 1316...
1312 reached.
I am sorry I didn't update before Building Permits. As you may know High Frequency requires fastest internet connection available. My internet provider had Issues right on that moment. Because of that I did not update, because that could lead to failure.
Thank you for your ideas and constant updates. Any new ideas or thoughts about possible lows? I have 2 point now. First, we have seen it already in Friday. Second, we are going to see 1296-1203 tomorrow. Personally I prefer first one. Waiting for a huge grow. Good luck in all the trades.
FreshOilTrader FreshOilTrader
1296-1303 sure. Or Freud typo maybe :)
TheZabisyu FreshOilTrader
Tomorrow based on HFTM we will see. I am not trying to think here a lot.. I just wait for a signal. Let the guessing works and predicting for other professors.
FreshOilTrader TheZabisyu
I see. Good evening to you. All the best wishes from my side.
TheZabisyu FreshOilTrader
thanks! Likewise!
Hey Mosh, no update yet?
TheZabisyu CagatayCetin
Yep.. sorry.
Whoa... it actually breaks the barrier sir !
I guess this time the bull is already out....
TheZabisyu albertwt
False BO. No worries.
+1 Balas
when is building permits??
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