GOLD / The Phase / If it still works?

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I will try to make this short.
Till 2012 there was a theory based on these numbers:

If one broken, we see next, one, if next one broken, we see the 3rd one ( last one )

Let's say 1340.00 > 1320.00 > 1300.00.

We can see that first two prices are broken, so we should se thrid one 1300.70
But because of price behaviour change, it stopped working at some point, but this is a first time experiment on Gold .
Whats the point u ask?
Well the point is that it has to be completed within the current month. Meaning now because 1334 broken, 1300 should be seen till the end of the month, no second later.
So therefore it should be reached today 31.08.2016 since it is the last day of current month, till NY close. No second later.

But it may be a failure, like I said, it is old theory that worked back in the day on EU, so I do experiment on Gold .

We are in sell anyway:

And if 1300 met, I will high risk buy from there. I will let you know why, later on!
Komen: By the way, these levels are half year levels, and these are valid till the end of this year.
We are approaching half year bottom on Gold, and u can see Target 1 is reached. New cycle is starting soon.
Komen: 5 hours left for it to be reached. If it is not. Theory is not working.
Komen: This Theory is now Abandoned for Sure. It is not working anymore and 1300.70 was not seen today. I doubt it happening today whatsoever.
thank you for advice
so, can we buy gold for rebond ?
Absolutely NOT.
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