GOLD / Interactive Intraday / 19.12.2016

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Most probably will be buying on opening, taking half off at 1136, and other half at 1140, afterwards will try to sell from 1140 with stops 2-3$ above since gold has a chance to visit 1156.
All updates below this idea during trading session.
Dagangan aktif: Bought at opening.
I have also buy pending at 1132 and 1130.9 in case price drop there. Aiming at 1139ish as a TP.
Komen: Like mention on description, took half at 36 off. Rest half now running with be.
Dagangan aktif:

I messed up a little bit and instead of closing half of my trade I closed all. lol
I reentered and it works good for now.
I want to take profit at 1139, and I am interested to sell from this level.
I have set sell limit at 44 as well, because we have a chance to maybe see it.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Market give me 6k and I am thankful for that.

Sell is triggered as well, but I am not so warm about it, if you know what I mean.
Anyway will see how that works out.
Komen: I have set the TP and sell pending higher in case price go more up and going to take a nap.

take care.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Closed manually. Market is dead, better opportunities tomorrow.

Initial Deposit - 100k
Today's profit -11,758
Total profit - 21,983.
Total intraday ideas - 2

See you tomorrow.
Komen: I received couple messages today from people regarding trading account.
The thing is most people have a lot smaller accounts, and they would love to see me working with intraday trading on smaller account like 5k that is more realistic for them. Comment down below in comment section what do you think about this and should I make acc smaller and trade on more realistic account ( for majority ).
Komen: Tradingview send me warning that these ideas are not welcome as per their house rules and will make them invisible, so no more interactive trading.
Anyway as I said guys I am leaving TV and seems I am doing it faster than I planned to. It was a honor to be with you all, thank you for your support n stuff, and all the best to you, keep it up!!
And of course happy new year and xmass!
Komen: A lot of people got confused with why I leave TV.
It is not because of some hate or something, I said before that I am moving to game changing projects and have to dedicate more time to them and some other stuff, and public forums like this can diksturb me doing it. I just will not have time to be here a lot and pay a lot of attention to analysis n stuff.
Furthermore Tradingview doesn't like this type of ideas, so they won't let me to trade on interactive basis this way:

I spent almost a year on TV and the only thing I want to say TV thanks about is that it give me ability to met wonderful people, that I never know exist, and that become really great friends to me. This is the biggest +++ I get here on TV.

Some say, you got so many followers and now you decide to leave.
I don't care the follower quantaty.
I rather have 100 supportive and loyal people around me than thousands and thousands of them.
And for those people that will miss the interactive trading or what I am doing, I have setup something for you:


Take care and once again, all the best to you all!
To your success.
happy new year :)

Please don't go! It's already been two days without you, and I'm making money! :(

I need you to come back, no one can help me lose money like you can, I need your ideas.

Is there something you have that I can subscribe to, or pay for, that will take me out of the green and put me in the red?

Thanks in advance, you're the best!
+3 Balas
TheBanker HaroldGoldstein
Hi Bruno! I like your work, even not following your signals, but I can't deny, I use some of your ideas in my trades. I agree with you this year we will see gold at 1300-1500, but this will be a long road. I have some concerns about the bottom before up... my chart showed me 2 levels... 1122 and 1085. I didn't take 1180 as long, because my target was 78.6 or 88.6 Fibo level. But when prices achieve 1500, there is any difference if you bought at 1100 or 1180? No. I am long from 1123. Not kidding you, but your JAFR can predict Trump's impeachment? All respect, and God bless you in your new road!
Thank you for all the effort you have put in. Much learnt and a pity that you are leaving. Best of Luck to you and see you on the flip side.
Hi @TPparadigma Lots of respect for the work that you have done for the community and the individuals here. We have learned a lot from your work and hope to learn more.

Best of luck
With so many followers joining every day..why leaving now?? Because some jelous people envy your system and your approach?? And want to "neutralize" your work on TV??
We still wanna see your ideas " medium/long term" if that what TV wants...
Hoping you ll come back soon!!
+1 Balas
The man with the most potential on TV. Respect bro. We keep in touch while cruising.
bye, was a pleasure
I have only been following you for a few weeks. All the best for the future with your system, thanks for sharing your ideas. Merry xmas and happy new year.
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