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Basically, I got inspired by @Technician with his journey and wanted to try the same.
Such journey actually suits well for a journal later on, that I can use for my trading record, and that represents real performance.

Since the trading view is a great place to post such charts since they get recorded in history and you can get back in time whenever you want and look up all charts you have made, 30 trades fit here very well.

These will be small range trades with Entry, Stop and TP level.
Trades will be taken only on Gold.
Using TV position calculator profits or losses will be determined.
Capital 10.000$

1st trade in this journal will be published starting from next week and will be marked as GOLD/ 1# ... GOLD/ 2# and so on.

Let's see. I think overall it should be fine since intraday and small range signal trading has always been my element when it comes to Gold .

P.S Good Luck to @Technician we'll see what the return will be for him after all trades are done. Like he says:
-A Single or few trades result is not important. What's important is the net return at the end of the month, quarter and year.
And that is very true.

Good Luck.
Komen: Trade Idea example:

Capital 10.000$
Risk on Trade 10%
Buy 1247.00
SL 1245.00
TP 1258.00

Potential Gain 1100$
Potential Loss 200$

This is how the trade setup will look like.
Thank you for sharing .
Good luck .
Will be following with interest. Really glad that you're doing this. I hope you'll let us know the logic behind your trades too rather than just placing entry, TP & SL. Good luck.
@Marvin, Unfortunately, no logic behind them. I am not a technical trader nor I am looking at indicators like moving averages, trend lines, volumes, channels etc. So there is nothing I can explain behind the trade other than, based on my calculations 2+2 = 4 so I think Gold is bullish today, lol.
Thanks and Good Luck.
Marvin TheZabisyu
@MetalCruisers, And explaing your calculations isn't feasable?
@Marvin, My calculations are always simple. Toss a coin in the air and watch which side lands on your hand!
This is what is included in my simple gambling analysis.
Take care man!
Marvin TheZabisyu
@MetalCruisers, Nothing like a cryptic comment to put an end to the discussion. The real answer is of course that we mere mortals wouldn't understand your analysis but I thought I'd ask anyway. Our pal Arpi is bearish as I'm sure you know. I think I'll sit on the sidelines for trade #1 as I've been burned before by following you. But I still have faith in you mate. Take care.
@Marvin, Arpi is very confident in his analysis since he has connections with big players and banks ( I assume that based on his postings over the time ) unfortunately that is not my level in this market I am a small player so yes on my analysis you can get burned million times!
You take the trade or not it is up to you, I am posting just my journal as I found it could be interesting for myself to see what I can conclude after 30 trades are done.
Not necessarily an investment advice!
All the best man!
Combined with an accurate strategy (sell/buy and stop signals), one can get rich from a few months to a year using this margin/risk management concept. Too bad that a lot of people act too greedy and wanna double their money in just a few hours, generally ending up with big losses or even wiped accounts. This is a nice basic tutorial for those who suffer from greed and lack of discipline. Keep them coming bro, I hope people pay attention to RR's importance.
TheZabisyu CagatayCetin
@CagatayCetin, I will be honest with you, I am a very greedy trader. R/R ratio on my table is hilarious.
In these 30 trades, I will try to be conservative though. I am interested myself in what will be the gain/loss at the end of it since I have never done such thing before.
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