GOLD / FOMC / With smile to the Bank. High Frequency.

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
By the way this is my 100 idea! Yeah. So I have to make it - one of the best.!
Another hundred to come!!

FOMC, FOMC, FOMC... People trying to guess, what will happen, where it can go or where it cannot. I stay asside of guessing.. I'll just trade it with HFTM.
10 mins before I will have a signal of direction. 5 minutes before, confirmation. 2 minutes before executing the trade, easy as 1,2,3...

This is the day when I am convinced HFTM should give long signal, but who knows, it may be short, either way I don't want to miss this event, because this will be huge.
I attached similar trade ( NFP ) in case you don't know what is going on here, in related ideas section.
I will be periscoping it live ( going live some 5 mins before the event ), so if u want to talk n stuff, you are welcome.

Hit the Like button if you are ready.. because this will be Huge, or as Trump would say - it is Uuugeee. :D

I will update the daily swing as well, maybe we can take some spare trade as well while waiting the event.!
Komen: I had problems with internet on last Idea Building Permits.. I was not able to pick up the direction. Don't worry this time. I changed the internet provider for tomorrow.. it is the most expensive available in Europe atm. They guarantee 99.99% uptime, and speed is enormous! Everything will be fine, since company uses state of art technologies. I won't miss this event.
Komen: I will write down possible scenario for you.. because we have to be prepared for both.. short, or long..
Komen: I will be looking to sell from 1316.
Dagangan aktif: Drop em Likes!! On each pip!! Enjoying the sell?
Mine currently running 8 lots from 1316.20
Damn.. It is like getting XL profits before getting more XXXXXXXLLLLLLL profits later on FOMC.
Dagangan aktif: Don't be shy dear Bro's and Girls!! Throw in some comment.. are you in.. are you out? !!
Komen: Break Even!
Pending below 1315..
Dagangan aktif: Sorry, not below 1315 but 1316. Triggered ( 1316.00 ) again in sell.
Komen: Damn wtf.. 2nd break even! LOLLOLOL.
Pending again at 1316.00 lol
What a joke for now.
It even did not break the pivot.
And it did not break buy signal to go to TP yet.
Dagangan aktif: Triggered again... are we getting break evens today? :D :D You know the saying.. 3 things good things :D
Komen: As for TP I am looking to 1306 actually.
But I close the entire Sell there.. and re-sell below 1312.
Let's see the behaviour first.
Komen: I meant I close the entire sell on 1312.. of course if 3rd BE not come in again!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Things happen fast lol.
I did not put 1312 TP, and Gold was already 1309 when I look at chart, Closed 1308,76. 7,9k in profit guys! Hope you enjoyed this small but profitable sell!
Komen: 1312 become minor res. Consolidating below.
Komen: Hmm.. 15min candle closed below 1312.. if we cannot get above in next 15 mins.. then...
Komen: Ok guys, to be honest. I don't want to open short's anymore before FOMC.. I got really nice profit from this Sell.. Although now we SHOULD see 1306,03... I don't want to play with it.. Let's wait for FOMC and take the trade then!
Like I said those who can, can join me on Periscope live on the EVENT.
Stay safe.
Komen: Okay guys!
Soon FOMC arrive.
Plan your trades, and trade with care!
I am saying you one more time again!!
I am taking the momentum with HIGH RISK ( Big lots )
It can reverse! Use TP for this.
If I say long.. I open long, and set TP.. with big lots.. because it can go long.. then reverse.. or keep going.. I cannot know.
The same goes for sell.
This is how High Frequency works!
Be safe!
I will be on periscope 5 mins before!
I let you know!
Komen: For now it shows short.
Komen: Goin Live!
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Well, here you go. Right on event it got short.
This is the scenario I thought will happen.
Spike short, and then UP.
Let's see how far it goes!
Komen: This event was absolute $hit! Amazing.
Congrats to those who took the profit out from the Short..
Thanks for letting me know that you made solid money earlier today from the sell I gave.
Let me know if u have something to say, in comment section!
Appreciate your support! Let's move on!!
Komen: We will make BIG BIG BIG profits on next NFP!... so let's wait for it.
Where will it go now up or down
TheZabisyu tkarthi1
Let's wait for NY close my man! I will post new Idea! Relax for now brother!
live where man!! noting on periscope!

Since following you on gold trades I have made 28k and lost 3,5.
Net profit 24.5
I love u man!!!
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
You are the king man! Thanks for letting me know.
Which account are you trading off?
The one on your site isn't the same :\
TheZabisyu CamronK
My personal accounts.
Account on website is play money for TP PARADIGMA project purposes.
If before FOMC will be a signal to sell,I should close just my loss buy on 1328? Sorry for the stupid question, I'm new,maybe somewhere you've answered it and I did not see or did not understand.Thank you.
It depends on where price will be 2-1 hour before Fomc..
It is hard to say..
If It shows me sell.. It will be confusing.. because It can show a spike sell, and turnaround to long..
I think it will show Long this time, just because rate hike possibility is very low..
But if it shows short signal, I will short it but I will be very cautious and carefull..
stay safe thanks
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