GOLD / Welcome back / 100% and Transition 1262

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Hello guys! I welcome you all back! It was a sad time without my people! So I did all possible to get back to you as soon as possible!

I added a video in Signature, I hope you remember my words! And the template I showed you! That bulls will get slaughtered at 1274 ( 100% base ) Furthermore we had a transition from yesterday 1262 that was not reached, so it is a double confirmation!!

With love to my people, let's continue to crack this market!

Komen: We have sell transition at 1268, it broke it downwards, now it is going to test it back. It is a good sign because market says it wants to go down. If it leaves it, and goes down, it gives a sign it wants to return. I will try and add to my sells on a test back! Because 1262 is a must!
Komen: If gold goes down without testing back 1268, it will leave a sign it will be back up. So Bears need a test now!
Komen: 1268 transition is tested, now if it wants to it has to go down. If it goes back above 1269, then bearish pressure is invalid!
Komen: We tested both transitions, as well sell setup is setting up for tomorrow. It has to cross both transitions upwards till NY close to give a buy signal for tomorrow's swing. Can someone buy gold quickly for that to happen? Let's see!
Komen: At the moment I see Nice sell setup where transitions are in confluence with other levels. I will be adding up to my sells just because 1262 gives me confirmation.
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hello.sir.i buy at 1263.what is my target?can you tell me?thanks
Sir: i am a new follower ... your target is done. Do you think price would go more down 1262 or there is a signal for buying at 1261,?
hi TPparadigma, how do you do for finding the transition levels (that should be retested each time we cross them!) ? what is the calculus that should be done please..
Thank you very much for all!
It's all done by trading software that is built based on JAFR and absolute Fibonacci Levels!
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mmz2505 TheZabisyu
just for make me confident.. fot now i seel at 1266 with target 1262. it that ok.. if i wrong. plss guide me
TheZabisyu mmz2505
You are too late to sell my friend! Please take timing into consideration! Now please stay out and wait for clear signal! It will be 10x times better than risk now!
mmz2505 TheZabisyu
ok.. tq. just wait for next timing for entry. hope sir will guide us fo next time.
TheZabisyu mmz2505
updating here
mmz2505 TheZabisyu
tq.. to much much much.. i think i in love with u.. hahahaha...

may are u guide me for this week...
Great to have You back again :)
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