GOLD / 500oz swing / interactive trading

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Hello, guys.

So here wa start, let's see is it a good idea. :)

If you have any questions let me know.
Dagangan aktif: I still hold my sell from last week, because I had couple confirmations last week, and I was watching the opening price to see will my average calculation signal will work out, since it did not, that idea is not valid.
I am looking to TP this sell at 1312 or maybe at 1309. I will update this. For now relax, and don't enter sell.
As you can see, price broke MID and got down, but now it is spending time on in between S3 and S2.
In order to go further down price has to break 1315 and consolidate under it.
If now it decides to go to MID, maybe we could enter sell from there.
I will update.
Komen: I have set my TP for sell at 1312.90
And set a buy limit from there as well.
If 1312 not met, I will be closing sell above 1319 and buying from there is we get confirmation.
Komen: I noticed that todays TIS is hit already.
So therefore it may not hit 1312.
But either way we have a plan ready.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I closed my sell guys while it was 4k in profit.
And like I said, I have buy limit set at 1312 if it manages to get there, or I will be looking to buy above 1319 if there is confirmation.
Komen: I will be considering a reasonable buy if we get above Reversal zone and stay there not break and fall back down.
So if we get above MID 1319 and Reversal 1320, we could enter buy based on price action at that moment.
Or 1312 of course if it manages to get down there.
My bad I forgat to look where the TIS was today, and see how it stoped right pip in a pip on it.
Dagangan aktif: After noticed that weekly TIS also is 1315, and daily was 1314.80, which was hit today, decided to enter small risk buy right here, and looking to TP it at Market sentiment point.

I cant suggest you the SL zone.
Dagangan aktif: I am still worried about MID, can we get over it to little more safe zone.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Closed with 121 eur profit. I don't feel safe price struggling to break MID.
Dagangan aktif: Opened sell here on my own risk. If you feel you can do the same, do it on your own risk.
While MID holds, I have no fait in Bulls today.
Next after MID 1319 is Reversal zone 1320.
Komen: I cannot suggest you SL for this sell if you take it. I don't trade with SL, and If trade goes against me, I hedge and get out of it soon enough.
Dagangan aktif: Going out for some time. Once I get some alert, I update.
I always look for shorting gold as it is a bear market. Counter trend may not come for a small buy.
TheZabisyu waterman
I don't know mister what makes you think it is bear market?
And that it may and will be bear market?
Granny Rate hike, fed bs bubble or what?
Hell yes, now long all usd/xxx pairs and short everything against usd, just because usd is set to shine and rise because of some misterious rate hike.
Swing trading technicals are indicating sell from time to time, but overall trend is still bullish, if you didn't notice. And when Gold will be at 1400, what then?
Be carefull and don't count so much on Good NFP data.
Take care.
P.S and like I did said I dont care where it goes, I trade daily swings, are they up or down? Doesnt matter.
waterman TheZabisyu
' I dont care where it goes, I trade daily swings, are they up or down? Doesnt matter. ' Yes Your outlook is a very good one to follow
TheZabisyu waterman
Thanks for supporting words! Appreciated!
well noted
thank you
so, we can enter short now?
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