GOLD / 500oz swing / Interactive trading #3

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
If you have any questions let me know in comment section bellow.
Let me know how is your progress going so far.
Monday - 4.4k
Tuesday 3,3k
Today 2.2k??? :D :D
Tomorrow 1,1k???
Friday minus 10k on NFP? Hope not.

Trade with care.
Komen: Ok let me check what's going on. Still in that Buy, and it seems I get out even with some profit.
Updating in a minute with levels to watch now.
Dagangan aktif: First, people ask me why I fade out a lot of things in screenshots? Well because there are people that take things too hard, and interpretation is messed up. Just because it is said SELL, doesn't mean it is sell. So I fade out a lot of things / words from calculator for such individuals, that may blow theyr accounts because of taking things too serious.

First of all, as you remember I took that test buy at 1312, well it is in minus, but the good thing is I should close it in profit.

About today - It is a sell setup unfortunatelly.

So market should be heading towards 1315 after opening ( reach it ) but starting from there it faces a lot of hard levels that it has to break in orfer to go up.
Pivots here and there. Buy completing at 1316, and 100% being at 1317.

I will not buy this on opening since I have buy running, But I will place TP for this buy at 1315, and place a sell limit there as well.
I am not using SL, but I would suggest placing it above 1320. But gold can false break 1319 hit your SL at 1320 and get back down ( You know gold ) It's a monster.
TP is free now for this sell, will have to see how it reacts with 50% level.
Trade with care. I am going to sleep. See you after some 9 hours!
Komen: Well I wait for opening. 30 mins left. Opening is vital as well and can ruin the previous plan. So no sleep yet.
Komen: Opening price is good. Plan and levels remain the same. MHI 1315 should be seen if 1312 broken.
See you latter.
Dagangan aktif: Good Morning.
Market is Heading towards point is reached. Buy is closed and sell is active.
Dagangan aktif: By the way I closed buy iwth 300 in plus, but just before that it was 300 in minus! ;)
Dagangan aktif: So as you can see price completed buy completelly.

Now if price moves down, what it should do because current swirl is located at 1316 as well, meaning middle of swing low, if broken we may get in the new swing upside.
I will be locking 50% of position in profits and run second half till reversal zone.
And around that zone buy will be located.
Anyway let's see how it works out.
Komen: Sorry, I will be taking 50% of position at 50% red zone, and second half will run till Reversal zone.
Komen: Take a time to look at this.
Komen: By the way, these levels are half year levels, and these are valid till the end of this year.
We are approaching half year bottom on Gold, and u can see Target 1 is reached. New cycle is starting soon.
Komen: Be honest, who got scared when price got back to entry?
Dagangan aktif: So I still hold the short.
First bear block should income at 1307-8 area, so Like I said closing half of my position there.
When we overcome 1307 I close the other half at 1302 and will look to buy from there when I get confirmation.
Komen: If you dont feel safe close the short now bef9re ADP data. Cheers.
Dagangan aktif: How are you doing there?
I closed my short just before ADP for quick 400 bucks. Then re-entered again after it got up a little.
Dagangan aktif: So Half closed here. Stops on BE.
Other half with TP 1302 if we get there.
In order to get there, We need to break 1307
Dagangan aktif: Go ahead, tell me who of you were man enough and still in even before ADP??
Komen: Very interested will the phase be completed today? approx 7 hours left, based on theory idea above we should see 1300 till the evning.
Dagangan aktif: If price reaches 1300, don't buy from there yet.
I absolutelly forgat that it is the end of the month, I have to type in new High, Low, Close, and there will be absolutelly new levels and keypoints for next month. Picture for tomorrow my change drastically.
Trade with care!
Komen: 5 hours left for it to be reached. If it is not. Theory is not working.
should i buy?
TheZabisyu Iljamakarovs
Not yet bro. I don't suggest to buy yet. It is not done with downward movement. Will wait for NY close.
hello TPP, Thanks a lot. I kept my sell from before ADP and Closed my only small position (as I have a small account), at 1306. many thanks.
TheZabisyu elie70927834
I am glad you was able to make some money out from it! Sincere greetings.
okey I will close , thanks for warning
TheZabisyu GoldHunter
I am not closing anyway, but make sure you do what you feel you need to do bro. Your own trading decisions.
TheZabisyu GoldHunter
You out? :)
GoldHunter TheZabisyu
haha, could won alot of money if stayed :)
TheZabisyu GoldHunter
Well, S happens man! Move on! ;)
LOL, i got shook, but decided to hold and see how it plays out
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