GOLD / 1.000.000$ trade / The cost of patience and time.

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
If you don't understand what is that mess on the chart, this idea can give you an insight.

On my gold table I have done selling it both Temporary and Permanent Volume targets are reached, and those who care fundamentals, don't worry no rate hike will ocurr this year, since gold has spoken.

I have set my buys on gold for now. Next place where I am about to add is 1235 as that level plays big role for metal cruisers now.

I do appreciate that you comment, and show your point of view but don't try to change my view. I never follow no one and trade what and how I want. Common human nature desperately sell falling market and desperately buy upward going market, but in most cases you do that when the run is over.

I will love to see gold doing the move when you don't expect it, filling the chat rooms all over the net with words, ohh what happen!!

Trade safe and plan your trades so you can survive this battle.

Dagangan aktif: At the moment I have set 50 lots in buy orders, and I will add buy on 1235. So it will be overall 60 lots and when gold hit's 1383 it should bring 1M in profit. This is my goal for this trade. Set your goals and achieve them when life give you opportunity. At the moment all I need is just a patience and time.

All the best to you in this battle!
Komen: Open price will be sensitive tho. If during Sunday session will cross one pivot downwards and upwards it can create a frequency signal to Temporary targets 1150.70 > 1140.23 and 1116.17. But I highly doubt that it can happen, but I just inform you about it.
Komen: At the moment gold price is at 1169.66 and is moving back up. There can be a gap on opening or it may open where it closed or open even higher.
Dagangan aktif: Have a safe and great trading week. Nothing changed in my view, so holding my 50 lots here. The long Road in Dunes!
Take care everyone. And on intraday basis still 92 is the bullish block.
Dagangan aktif: Good Morning and welcome in new trading week!
Slowly get ready for this Friday ( Flyday ).
Nice start of a week so far, always glad to see +++

I read some comments here on TV,
### guys with such accounts and making this much don't sepnd time chatting in forums ###

That is some stupid thinking to be honest. Look for example at Dubai biggest Multi Billionaire Saygin Yalcin, that guy is vloging on youtube..
just an example... and you want to tell me that rich people don't spend their time in communities online? Get a life then.

Happy week everyone!
Komen: The real Flyday will be Friday since Company A that I mention in some of my ideas will wait for bad NFP report to execute mass contract buying. So in general this week till Flyday I don't expect some WOW to happen. So hold tight.
Komen: I could close my buy orders from 1185 as I believe gold could offer better price for entry little lower. ( just to let you know )
Komen: That was a hint for people that are more emotional. I won't close them, but you can if you want as gold can offer better price maybe! See for yourself!
Komen: I did further Dynamic calculations by manipulating with High, Low and Close prices, to see where the confirmed bull teritory starts, so far I get if we can have price above 1219 is where dynamic levels float below close price. It can start faster because maybe I missed something here, but with this maniuplation I see all these dynamic intraday levels being below that price meaning once we get above 1219 it could be that adding buys on every opening sounds like a plan since once gold enters this dynamic path by creating levels below the current price it can last for daaaayyyzz. I figure out maybe you see value in this info so I posted it.
Komen: Ilustration of what I meant above. On Intraday basis this is what I wait for, and only L and Close price can set it.. Like I said for example if today close price would be 1185.7... then we get what I ilustrate already today! If close price is 1185.6 or 1185.8... it is already gone.
Komen: Are we getting close price above 1192? hum... Bring it on!
@TPparadigma ... Man any updates to these charts pre FOMC? If it drops more... are you buying again... Or waiting to maybe 1040??? Cheers
Technical clues:
1-Trading Range
2-Bull Channel
3-Mesured Move
4-Support Trendline
5-1200 Round Number
6- Traps

So whats next? 1.200, 3 scenarios at the highs
1-Pushing through the highs?
2- ranging out at the highs, buying at the lows breaking the highs? of that range
3- or rotaring all the way back to 1170 ?

will see how strong that moving average is to determine the bull strengh

i am a buyer at the lows of the full rotation on the daily chart 1046.75
+1 Balas
Thanks for the great work. Please do add to PT group. Good luck on the road to 1mil
Please add me to your p.t. group
@yycg, me too please!
@TPparadigma, do you think there will be another low before or after the US GDP tomorrow?
Thank you for your update about dynamic transition intraday block levels. Great value! Keep it up! Appreciated!
@TPparadigma does your new Trade active gif mean that you do not think that it will get lower anymore, as you updated 4 hours ago? :D
TheZabisyu MathiasLindebergKristensen
@MathiasLindebergKristensen, No, that mean I sometimes act like a child and feel happy, lol!
@TPparadigma, ahh. Good to know its not all too serious ;)
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