GOLD / 1.000.000$ trade / Intraday follow up.

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Some followers do request intraday idea updates as a follow up to our long term trade, so here it goes.

Majority of my followers are long from green rectangle area.
Some got 1174, some 1180, some 1185.
My current " set and foget " long is 1185.

Close price above 1192 is amazing sign intraday and gold should now go up to re-visit 1197 again as it is a Heading Towrds daily level.
If we pass 1197 - 1202 dynamic area, we have chance to go higher, if we break Bullish TP 2 new fresh H should come.
I have set downside targets as well in case our old friend Bear come.

And guys don't ask me do I think can gold go lower before real up!
1st I don't think so otherwise being heavy long from 1185 wouldn't make sense, 2nd Gold is a monster and can do what it want so there is always a possibility so all we can do is risk reasonably and money management solve any problem here.
I have done calculations and can handle DD , but my main target is 1383 as it was before.

In general close above 1192 is good sign at least for now!
But be careful as always!
I will follow up today on this intraday idea as we go.

Main general Idea -
Dagangan aktif: I like that u guys use this opp to set rules goals as well for yourself, and if u ask me how I achieve 1M, here is the answer.
I have 3 buys overal 50 lots and they bring that amount at 1383.
As it is not enough I did told you only place where I add next buy is 1235.
So all I need is to add just 10 lots at 1235 and that is it, and wait for 1383 to come.
If U have let's say 10k account and u see this as a great opp, you can open just 1 lot what is very small risk on such account and that can survive big DD just in case and that is it, be patient and wait and that 1 lot at the end pay you big bucks, it all depends on how greedy u are of course as well how emotional! But this is for sure what I would do in your place.

With close price above 1192 today I really do hope we don't visit 80's anymore, but well u know gold is ruthless, so there is no surprise!
Trade with care, I try to update if I see something interesting, but gold should go up on opening to visit 1197.
Komen: On each 1 disrespect gold need to show me 4x times respect.. so 2 times disrespect I now wait for octuple respect!
Komen: Ok keep apologizing!

Good good.. but I need more! I still mad at you.
Komen: I have people on this community being very emotionaly invested in my trading life, and they wait for gold going against me. Every pip matters. No worries my child, take a look I'm in green.

Melt your heart now my brother!
@TPparadigma ... this don't look good ;o( This is smashing my Longs.
Thanks for the updates!!
Thanks for the updates! Missed out on some good long entrys due to fixing my computer. But waiting for that bull moment again!
TPP, fingers crossed for your trades! I like your determination.
Haha love the U Mad Bro! - great work mate, keep it up!!
I remember you commented that when the payrolls is bad, then Company A will start buying gold. But what is your expectation if the payrolls is good? Thanks in advance for your opinion and keep up the good job.
+1 Balas
gold to 1110 first
TheZabisyu MertErten
@MertErten, Sure, let's do it!!!
+1 Balas
MertErten TheZabisyu
MertErten MertErten
plan is to go long after FED rate decision.
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