EVENT / Non Farm Payroll / Stable event.

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
I think that you pretty much know what to do, and how we do!
I will be trading Gold , but any pair xxx/usd //// usd/xxx can be traded!
For those who don't know and are new, basically we get signal before NFP data prints, so we can execute the trade before NFP, so we don't miss the move.
10 mins before I get approx signal, 2,1 min before I get confirmation and enter the trade, NFP comes, BOOM.

As always, I will be updating here, but those who can and have time, I will be on Periscope again, ( nickname in my signature ) so you get it in live translation.

Take a look at this as well:

I attached last NFP as well in related Ideas so you get a little picture of how things work!

Here is the daily cycle:

Take care!
Let's kill it!
Komen: Comment if you have questions.
Komen: But before you decide to ask, maybe the answer is simple and can be found by simple google search.. questions like when is nfp... amm.. :D
Komen: For those who asking where gold could go before NFP.. I will update after NY close, but for now while 1250 holds it is ok.
Komen: I would buy from opening with TP 1260. But anyway the focus is on NFP.. so let's wait! See you tomorrow.
Komen: Actually I did not buy... no reasonable level to do so.. be cautious..
Komen: Approx 10 mins before I will be on Periscope.. It's very close guys! :D
Komen: I took small small profit from short.. but again, this event was BS. Take care. see you next time
Komen: I am happy about some people here. A follower sent me he executed a short trade with me before NFP and holded it.. he ended up this day with 11 grand profit! Thank you for letting me know. Awesome!! U all are awesome!
Thanks, was interesting to follow! Even though the market reaction was a bit less than I had expected, the inital move went in the correct direction :)
TheZabisyu Viking83
yes my big brother!!
Viking83 TheZabisyu
There are some FED minutes next week. Perhaps the robot has some anticipation :)
TheZabisyu Viking83
FOMC minutes will be traded yes.
+1 Balas
sulbas TheZabisyu
attantion that chaina may attack cheep gold..
Good ideas bro. Actually 1250 is an old and strong support but do you expect a fast fall touching to 1220 level? By the way when will online at periscope tomorrow exactly. I want to see this experince live ;)
I don't know bro. I am daily swing trader.. have to wait for NY close too see possible TP's.
Periscope.. going live 10 mins before NFP talking with people and getting the right atmosphere!
+1 Balas
Thanks! have you backtested its reliability?
TheZabisyu Viking83
I don't do backtests... it is useless. Real Live test is the real deal!
So far with TV followers we traded 3 events, this will be 4th one.. So far so good.
I have backtests, and data... but it is useless to take them in consideration..
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