Gold/Silver ratio: Long term bearish decline

OANDA:XAUXAG   Gold/Silver
The Gold/Silver ratio shows an interesting setup here, and correlation to inverted SPX , which points to the nature of the ratio's movement tied to risk off/on phases. This has to do with the real world applications silver has as an industrial metal, compared to gold's function as a store of value and risk off protection.
I think we can see a long term decline, implying the price of silver will either appreciate or depreciate less than the price of gold , in comparison to it at least.

It's probably a good trade to take as a pair, which if you're using futures , implies you use a 2 to 3 ratio, selling 2 GC contracts and buying 3 SI contracts to enter the trade with reduced margin requirements. (I think there's a new contract for the ratio alone, but not familiar with it). You should size the trade based on risking 1% to 2% max if the price were to go against you coming back to 70.43.
In the case of CFD or FX traders, you could open trades in the XAUUSD and XAGUSD instruments, or using this XAUXAG or XAGXAU contracts if they exist in your platform. If you own physical gold , exchanging it for silver makes sense at this point (if you didn't already).

Good luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Komen: On track, quite a scare but it's going well now.
Komen: Change of direction in the ratio implies risk on sentiment is waning, we could see a rally in gold next.
this trade is back bro
@Mdotee., yes, Silver is a great long here.
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