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Let’s face it, Bitcoin             is currently dominating the market, but altcoins cannot be just brushed off, they are maturing as well and are ready to provide a keen and tough competition.

There is one coin, however, which, as claimed by its founders, cannot even be called an “altcoin.” Meet Bitcoin             Plus - the next great cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin             , but “reincarnated”
The history of Bitcoin             Plus goes back to early 2014 when the coin was launched through an ICO             held on the Poloniex Exchange. However, it turned out that the ICO             was carried to fund not the cryptocurrency but holidays of the original developer who escaped with collected funds somewhere in the south direction.

Later on, Bitcoin             Plus went into rehab as a few truly dedicated community members formed a team, hired a coder to fix the wallet and introduced the sustainability plan.

Yule Mills, one of the team leaders at Bitcoin             Plus, explains to Cointelegraph:

“The original developers created a great coin but it appeared they had ulterior motives, therefore they soon abandoned the coin. I was the original investor and have loved it since I first found out about it in May 2014. I think it is Bitcoin             but reincarnated with many improvements and rarities, hence the added Plus in the name of the coin.”

How it will drive the market wild
The cryptocurrency has evolved greatly, especially during the last year. Originally, XBC             was purely a Proof-of-Stake coin, however, a bunch of recent updates included the ability to secure the network using Proof-of-Work, therefore Bitcoin             Plus is what is now known as a hybrid POS/POW. This means that if the network ever faces a serious issue, things can be moved along manually by switching on Proof-of-Work for a short period.

Bitcoin             Plus has one mln             coins to respond to 21 mln             Bitcoins             , it is characterized by a much faster block processing time and can handle eight times more transactions than Bitcoin             . Mills points out that the best feature of Bitcoin             Plus is the 20 percent annual staking until all one mln             coins have been staked. In his opinion, this feature alone is currently driving the market wild.

Mills comments:

“Bitcoin Plus went from $.08 in January 2016 to a high of $131 just last month. That's serious.”

Bitcoin             Plus, scalability issues minus
There is an opinion that what is good for Bitcoin             has a positive impact on other cryptocurrencies. But what about the problems currently faced by Bitcoin             , are they any relevant in the rest of the cryptocurrency space?

Scalability has always been an issue for Bitcoin             but recently the network has been running out of capacity, transaction fees have been getting higher, while the speed of processing was significantly decreasing.

The SegWit vs. BU debate has been going on and on for months and it doesn’t look like we are going to see a conclusion any time soon. How do these block games affect Bitcoin             Plus?

Well, XBC             has a much shorter average block processing time - 60 seconds compared to that of Bitcoin             , therefore the Bitcoin             Plus network is able to handle 10 times more transactions every 10 minutes.

Besides, the block size limit of Bitcoin             Plus is much larger standing at 1.5 MB             . The average transaction size of Bitcoin             Plus is very similar to its predecessor, therefore every block is able to fit as many as 3,030 transactions or 50.5 transactions per second.

The Bitcoin             Plus team assures that it will take a long time before users have to start worrying about any scalability issues.

Mills says to Cointelegraph:

“Regarding scaling issues, the original Bitcoin             can handle, as fact, less than seven transactions per second compared to Bitcoin             Plus which can handle 50+ transactions per second. We are keeping a close eye on SegWit vs. Unlimited and, truthfully, I don't think either idea is a good one. The thing about Bitcoin             Plus that works is we have a team that agrees on things. If Bitcoin             Plus needs to scale we will scale to Visa level if needed.”

Engaging community into development of the coin
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