Bitcoin long term natural numbers analysis.

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An attempt to analyze BTC using the theory of chaos

Will we double in 4 months?
Komen: good move so far. the next important Milestone is the ETF News.

50/50 Chance so bank your profits early

we have some room left for growth. i would sell/hedge thereafter
Komen: so the ETF has been denied, and this chart is no longer valid.
maybe we can hit 3k later this year. but for now it´s likely to go sideways for a veeeery long time. This is the time for ETH and i hope you all invested early. Yesterday prooved it is no longer dependent on BTC
Komen: 7th dec 2017
we are close to the lower red line of the chaos channel.
this is the moment where i dont want to hold bitcoin anymore
Sir next update please
Perfect Call!
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Hats off.
You know your Bitcoin Sir.
Crazy man, well done
Are you considering doing this again for the next run? It would be very interesting to see
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Pato99 diogoo
@diogoo, >if< there is a next run
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diogoo Pato99
@Pato99, fair enough. I think we will have it. It migth take some time (months/years) but I think we will have
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I do enjoy pressing play on this chart every couple months.
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Pato99 tviewcrau
@tviewcrau, its quite a good guideline but a bit outdated. unfortunately its a lot of work to update it. maybe i will do it some day
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Are you recommending moving everything to alts or into fiat?
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