Stellar Lumens Buy Opportunity

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Stellar Lumens has had quite the run up lately but that doesn't mean it's out of steam. You can clearly see a cup forming which is a bullish indicator.
MACD and RSI are confirming a Bullish Divergence , which further proves XLM is about to take off.
Buy in the Buyzone and aim for atleast target 1.
If Stellar Lumens doesn't break her current resistance zone try and look for a cup and handle for a second swing.

Buy High Sell Low

Best of luck,
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Sweet Jesus I expected it to pop-off, but for it to happen while I was celebrating Christmas and New Year feels great! Popping off into the New Year!
I will chart Stellar Lumen real soon again to see where it goes,
So stay tuned!


CryptoGodSteve erstehilfe
@erstehilfe, My pleasure :)
This chart seems pretty logical. Its had its high, and Stellar didn't want to push past 0.00001600, we might have hit our top and its coming back down for a bit. Its just having a hard time moving up.
CryptoGodSteve BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, Thankyou for your comment! I agree it had a slow run up, but given the timeframe for the cup to form, it has given XLM a lot of strong but slow momentum.
The slow but steady pace of XLM might make up for a big breakout.
Cheers ;)