XRPBTC fueling its ride to the moon!

BITTREX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
Dilihat 264 kali
264 0
Previous resistance turned support at 6000-6100 sat levels, let's test it out for the next few hours to see it it will bounce back from that level but overall, it looks similar to previous ride last May.
RSI looks bullish at 76.9178
EMA 10 and EMA 30 shows bullish signs
We have the volume to push this price higher

(1) 0.00008600
(2) 0.00009700
(3) 0.00012000
Komen: 1, 2 and 3 target reached.
Expect to see consolidation or breakout from the 0.00012000 sats level.

Currently, CCI may signal overbought level at 124 but the trend still says bullish (no signs of going below 0 or -100 level).

EMA 5 and 30 hasn’t touched and still looks bullish. Possible to reach next target within the next few hours or days.

With all that volume, all eyes are on Ripple right now. XRP is currently at #2 in the coinmarketcap list dethroning Ethereum in the meantime.

On to the next target!

Next targets:
(4) 0.00015300
(5) 0.00018500
(6) 0.00024200
(7) ATH

Take off some profits and then buy back immediately. Don’t be too greedy. Secure your paper gains.
Komen: We're currently in a consolidation period, with a strong support at 0.00015000 satoshi levels which is at 76.8% fibonacci retracement level. If we'll go below this (I hope not), we'll drop to the next fibo level at 61.8% which is at 0.00013000 satoshis.

Komen: We should also not discount the fact that we might also stay here for a couple of days, since $XRPBTC has a clear pattern from its past.

Komen: Update as of Dec 31:

Down we go for another level which is at 61.8% from the fib support zone and fib fan (at 0.00012000-0.00011000 santos his) but hopefully this time it will hold.
Looking at the 30 min and 1 hr charts, we're on temporary bearish zone. Again we might stay here for a few days if we'll compare it from the last breakout from Dec 22.

Is it a good time to buy? Yes if long term, but personally I would wait for a breakout from the 61.8% fib resistance level before I buy again (for my sanity). But that's just my opinion :)

For long term holders, no worries we're still bullish on the 1 day chart. HODL!

Komen: Update as of Jan 5 11AM (UTC+8):

RSI and MACD shows strong uptrend on the daily chart.

With all that momentum these past few days, XRP needs to breather before bouncing back up to the next target. HODL
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