R.I.P.PLE - XRP rally is over

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XRPUSD has reached it's maximum bullish potential. It is highly unlikely that it will form a new top, at least in next month.
The most safe way to invest in this asset is just to go short, with SL slightly above the top and TP at the lowest line.
Riding the 5 wave structure is possible, but very risky. Those corrections tend to be very violent and it is hard to predict proper stop loss levels. But I do recommend it for more advanced traders.
Dagangan aktif:

We will see corrective movement to around 1.96, then we will go down. Depending on the movement XRP will reach either 1.27 or 1.06.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Well, at first XRP had me surprised with how it went and reached new ATH. However, all wave targets at 2.11, 1.7, and 0.9$ turned out to be very succesful.
i'm watchin' this since yesterday. It's one hell of a ride, but this might occur right now ( the increase i mean ) because of a new ( fake or not fake dunno ) video of a coinbase dashboard including XRP. What do you feel about it ?
@bamsero, I'm in Cryptos since 2012. What I've learned from BTC crash in Dec 2013, is to not rely on the information. I put all the news aside and just stick to the charts, and I've been able to predict this BTC top at ~19,600 and it's crash, when the BTC price was 16000 and still rising.
It's just too much of rumor to follow to aid your analysis.
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bamsero thewhitefox
@thewhitefox, you are so right speaking about the rumors and the fake news. Twitter is full of jokes and speculations on this crypto thing and some individuals are making a lot of money "herding" the users to whatever direction they want to. Well, I sit back then :D .. enjoying my coffee and watch it as a movie :)).
And at the very end of this year i will drink a pint of beer! Happy New Year!
@bamsero, Yes, that is very good way to approach this. :P
When I told my broker when BTC was around 17000 and rising that I will short it, he said 'Are you crazy, but the news say so and so'. :P

Happy New Year man and good trading next year.
people starting to realize not much legs to the korean news (fake news/no-news) about XRP going to coinbase? I cant source i, but just sounds like a lot of hearsay spread like wildfire in korea and started this run.
BUT Imo coinbase wont take xrp because it doesnt really fit the criteria of coins they usually take (not a real decentralized coin).
XRP got way ahead of itself on rumors and then it took on a little more steam than it shoulda.
I see it at a 1.60 ish by monday , maybe lower.
Billions upon Billions of coin in reserve + billions trading..... with the banker promise of dumping more and more coins every so often ... billions at a time?
How is a coin supposed to have a sustained rise in price when the bankers are essentially promising to dump billions of coins every month into circulation?
Honestly? explain it to me people? ;) Supply/Demand = Price, just because its encrypted doesnt mean it can violate the laws of economics.
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@Lineage55, the Ripple coins the banks are buying and will be using are for international transaction settlements. Ripple is really a bank settlement coin, it's not a coin that goes out on the market and traded between common people like Bitcoin. It's a completely different model at this point in time. The coins will be used to transfer funds internationally replacing the old SWIFT system that transacts trillions of dollars. It may not replace the entire SWIFT system, however it will be a major alternative for banks to save money. SWIFT is 30% higher in cost than what Ripple can offer. Also, standard international processing for settling an international transaction is over 4 days, but Ripple can do this in seconds. This is why the banks have partnered with Ripple, as has American Express and recently a few major credit card companies in Japan. Therefore, Ripple is a settlement coin for the banks. The banks are not buying the coins to recirculate them out on the market. They will be using the coins for settling overseas transactions internally, saving them 30% in fees while processing the transactions in seconds rather than days. On the flip side, in the crypto space their are a bunch of traders and whales making money manipulating the market so possibly the short term with XRP will be major ups and downs, however Ripple has substantial fundamentals and the only company that I know that is partnering with the major banks and credit card companies around the world. Google is a major investor in this company also, along with Addressen Horiwitz so there is a strong argument that Ripple is a good long term hold regardless of what the whales are doing in the current crypto space.
raghavgrover013 RichardBranson
@RichardBranson, proof of any bank confirming they will be using it as settlement?
I won't short this monster! Good luck.
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OleksiiNaumenko Bloedrivier
@Bloedrivier, you are right!
it will go up much more but we will wait
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Bloedrivier OleksiiNaumenko
@OleksiiNaumenko, I hope so... Wait it out is better - go to the beach! Otherwise rather sell say 50% of your coins and buy back the bonus if it goes your way.
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