Xrp lately likes 2hr consolo and daily bull flags

KRAKEN:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
For the past two runs of ~70-100% gains, XRP has consolidated heavily on the 2hr chart as well as form a fairly consistent daily bull flag . These last couple days have seen us form a strict flag down from a last huge run up with the exception of the extremely long tails on the candles of the first 2 days... Which to me can be discarded from the huge drop in BTC that manipulates the whole market. We held our own fairly well and just had some shaky moves during it and had the volume to buy back to normal fairly quickly. If the pattern continues we may be able to see a 70% movement here in the next day or so now that we have broken to the outside of this daily bull flag .

Volume looks strong- our second green candle for the 2hr hour chart is starting to creep close ( currently 12m buys) to the same levels as the 2nd candle that shot us up last time at approx...16m buys for the candle.

Bull flag isn't charted- Zoom out to and you can see pretty easily.

As always please double check and only trade on what your analysis confirms and what you are willing to learn.

Any constructive feedback, comments, or questions is much wanted!

Thanks! Happy Trading and best of luck
Komen: Taking some profits here. Like clockwork we have pushed up to 1.7
Komen: Forgot to mention we are waiting to see the next few hours to see how this played out and see if we are going to stay in or if the much needed correction will happen.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Out at $1.68 what a fun ride. Don't get greedy seems to be getting choppy after finishing wave 5.
My math in the google doc put us to 1.82 if history repeated. We have just crosed and are at 1.85. Things will now get interesting.
Im in on ripple. looking forward to doubling up for NYE
zzavada pwprice80
@pwprice80, Best of luck :) time to see.
It's Inverse Head and Shoulders and Cup and Handles this time around, compared to last April / May
zzavada nlizotte
@nlizotte, What time frame and period are you suggesting inverse h&s? to me on the 2hr i dont see the left shoulder being as high as the right? Which i believed was needed to holdit?
Thanks buddy, I just got in. I also saw the opportunity and I seized it, I have a lot of faith in this operation! Good luck, bro!
zzavada heisenberg95
@heisenberg95, Glad you liked it. Awesome man! just remember to manage risk! What did you get in at? - Just keep an eye here for confirmation. I ran some numbers based on the last breakout and if we repeat the target is 1.8.
@zzavada, This is true. Ripple has been undervalued for a coin that has one of the most legitimate uses. Its been consolidating and trading between high 80 cents to about 96 cents for about two days, and it would not drop passed 90 cents anymore. Now, its having a hard time dropping below $1.10, and this is what Ripple has been known to do.. stabilize, consolidate, increased volume and a touch of good news (not needed) pushed it up.
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zzavada BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, Exactly my thoughts... Anytime we get a tight consolidation that won't break a low with massive volume up tick... well we know what happens. Good luck friends.
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