XRP/USD Forecast - 03/03/18

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Dear Viewers,

Here is my Technical Analysis of the XRP Coin.
Let´s get into it straight away,

As you can see we had a Head & Shoulders pattern that started to shape it self mid January because of a bullish movement, which caused a bearish breakout once the neckline got crossed downwards.

Now that XRP got corrected (which is very healthy for the coin it self), we can start to see a start of a very big triangle pattern marked with yellow dots. Keep in mind that what happens inside this triangle, will have an impact on XRP´s future.

Option 1: XRP crosses the yellow dotted triangle upwards, we will know that a bullish mood has now taken over. This is my guess, why ? Because XRP has been coming up with great news and partnerships since 2 months, and had yet to release the most important news that WILL decide XPR´s future: A partnership with GooglePay. If this occurs, XRP will gain a huge amount of bullish momentum that I will be hard to stop it. I might create a new Head & Shoulders Pattern but where are not there yet.

Option 2: The rumors of XRP and GooglePay are fake, in that case we might see a drop back to the VISL (Very Important Support Level ). Which has been doing a great job so far, but how long can that last. I think that if we get to hear that the rumors of XRP getting in partnership with GooglePay is fake,that that support level might not hold anymore. If that happens, XRP will free fall.

I do think the rumors are true, GooglePay needs a system like XRP in order to grow more, the low transaction fees, the easy and quick implementation are key, so in my opinion the news is true, and we will see a breakout upwards, the only question is, when.

This was my Technical Analysis for XRP,
Please feel free to leave a comment, to like and also to follow me and my work if you want to be up to date.

Raw_Blitz out.
Komen: XRP bounced back perfectly from the low side of my yellow dotted triangle. Get ready for a breakout, it's time to make some money !

Raw_Blitz out.
Pesanan dibatalkan: Because of the huge FUD yesterday, and also the fact that there was no coinbase for XRP, it´s price went down, it actually crossed the yellow dotted triangle downwards which is a bearish sign.
Why does it need to be GooglePay? You are discounting the Moneygram, WU, IDT, & Cambridge trials. Also the SBI (Nikkei) consortium, not to mention the coinbase likelihood. Not to discount your view on Google but the current price has nothing to do with them honestly.
TjerkPieksma freefromthegrip
@freefromthegrip, that's because it didn't affect the coin XRP it self yet. It only affected Ripple as an technology, but that might change soon.
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