McAfee bag holders getting out

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Nice little pump gave all the bag holders from the McAfee nonsense a nice exit point. time for wraith hype to take over!
How does this rubbish qualify as an idea? Oh that's right, BTC went up 3% during that candle so it lowered the BTC/XVG ratio... OMG (not that OMG) 3%! Imagine that. Now while we're stating opinions and not facts, I believe that when XVG hit 1034 all the XVG fanbois thought it was the last chance to jump on the XVG train before it went parabolic. So that causes a little bang before it whimpers down to 1k, 800, etc. XVG is DEAD until Wraith is released and if they don't hit the deadline in the next 3 days, it won't have half the momentum XVG needs to hit $0.50 or whatever made up targets that keep get thrown out there.
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@Regera, it was a thought bro ,calm down. also... "ideas" are opinions, not facts. so quit being a tool.
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@Regera, also - you my friend are "rubbish".
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Moum413 Regera
@Regera, no respect for people’s opinion clearly lol
Irish3538 Moum413
apparently not.. i do think my opinion holds some water though. anyone that wasn't swing trading xvg would know that wraith is coming soon and would be holding. so that steep drop was probably sell side volume from swing traders that got burned when it tanked yesterday. they probably saw a good exit point (which coincided with the second drop yesterday around 1170 sats to make for a BE trade). it's been consolidating and running up inch by inch ever since.
Regera Moum413
@Moum413, It is what it is. Ask those who read this garbage then rushed to pay the same if not more for XVG while BTC is going up and XVG is poised to go down. It's not my opinion it's a fact. Low volume after a surge = short. Not only did people overpay at 1035, 1200, whatever, they used higher value BTC to do so which compounds their losses. Case and point: 15:30 EST BTC's high was $14,040 and XVG's high was 1125. As of this post BTC's high is $14,481 and XVG is 1130. BTC is trending upwards and XVG is trending downwards. My apologies for the less than cordial post. That said, I hate seeing people lose money and I wish someone pointed out the importance of matching the exact BTC value to the Satoshis at the moment of exchange. Don't trust the exchange USD conversions/calculations. In volatile times I have no idea how they arrive at some of their converted values.
@Regera, i see what you're saying about the volume coming down. but your numbers dont jive. ok, btc/usd went up. but if xvg/btc went up then XVG was the better bet on the USD comparative. it's consolidating now and will most likely tick up in the coming hours/days bc there's a major release coming soon so it will be moving up (TA be damned),

this market is beyond rationalizing so don't sit here and say you're right and i'm wrong (plus the numbers don't support your stance).

three things i'd like you to consider as a new year's resolution:

1.) you need to google what "ideas", "facts" and "opinions" are bc you haven't been using them correctly in your "less than cordial" posts.
2.) try to reduce the number of pissy posts/comments you make. they're sad and are ultimately just a waste of both of our time (and anyone who bothers to read this). take that shit to reddit.
3.) you're kind of an asshole man. you should really try to work on being less of one. you came in guns blazing on literally one sentence i wrote on a chart being a massive dick. it's not healthy and if you continue down that road, you'll end up a garbage human being.

no more replies. no more japes. just take it all in, digest it, and move on to bigger and better things. don't post on my stuff anymore.
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