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Long the " " " " " " " " Bubble " " " " " " " " "
Crazy right?

Much bubble, such wow, so risk!
Komen: Almost up %50. Still holdin.

Little background here, I made this chart to be a joke, though I am indeed in the position.

I was viewing another TV member's ETH idea and it was.. lacking in thesis but had plenty of 'hopium' and biased opinion involved. I critiqued the user about how his followers probably expect a little more detail and actual reasoning for gambling in crypto, yet when I suggested that, he took offense and started slandering me.

Oh well what can ya do, so I made this chart moments after, to reflect just how little knowledge and skills is required to make money in crypto currently, and how I too can make an ass of myself and still be right. Doesn't take a 'genius in disguise' or whatever he thinks he is, to long something that has never really gone down, only up.

As for the bubble thing, everybody says crypto is in a bubble, so I just laugh at those statements. They do not know bubble yet. BTC will show them "bubble" that will go down in the history books and be talked about for centuries. The ride to 20k was not it, it has hardly even begun.

Buckle up crypto traders.
Komen: Almost +%100
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