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BITTREX:ZENBTC   Horizen / Bitcoin
Zen is an encrypted, zero trust technology which can be used to securely transmit and store data, may it be private communications or financial value.
The approach taken by the team in order to ensure complete anonymity to Zen users when they using this platform is based on hardening the main components that malicious intruders can try to leverage information on their victims.
The end to end encrypted system integrates the best available technologies to create an open platform, by mixing the three core functions that in other blockchain based infrastructures are traditionally separated, namely transaction of funds within wallets, competitive governance and communication between parties.

Zen code has been completely open sourced to allow external auditors and third parties interested in ensuring the quality of the security offered by this system.
The main goal by the developers is to offer a collection of services and products built around a stack that employs zero knowledge proof. This distributed blockchain platform leverages the state of the art techniques to evade censorship from ill intentioned governments or third parties, a set of communication tools based on a completely encrypted protocol and a model to establish governance designed around a strong set of ethics to make sure that the basic human right of privacy and safety can be guaranteed.

These capacities can be for example used used to serve people who are right now avoided from vital services such as banking and human rights because of absence of identification proof, capital, and secure channels. They can likewise be utilized by people who want to take possession over and adapt their private information, or, for instance, by groups that desire to build up a niche bidding network or offer off the grid alternatives to state run, centralized energy services.
Zcash started by adding fully anonymous transactions to the Bitcoin code base, allowing people to decide whether they want to use normal, transparent Bitcoin addresses or shielded, analysis resistant wallets. The first of these two are transactions controlled via a set of public and private keys, logged on the blockchain. Because they happen just like on the Bitcoin platform, these allow rapid compatibility with applications built on that technology; the second set of transactions, called Z_transactions, operate on wallets where the balances can be shielded. Third parties cannot tell the amount of funds that are transferred to one of more wallets of this kind, and if funds are moved to an open account the input shielded addresses remains confidential. This allows for transfer of funds to open wallets without having to disclose where they came from.
From there, the team created Zclassic which, thanks to the removal of the founder’s reward share, the creation of open source mining and multi platform wallets, helped growing an horizontal, solid open source community willing to evolve this platform towards what it currently is. Zclassic set the basis for what ZEN is today, a set of tools that help secure communications, data and file sharing, and open banking activities.
The zen platform offers a cohesive system where these different elements interact to create a secure environment for its users.
Nodes that want to operate along this network need to offer privacy and performance, in order to make sure that the platform doesn’t suffer from central bottlenecks that could slow down or impede access to a certain part of the audience; they need to guarantee resilience and resist the attacks run by malicious third parties trying to stop operations or try to alter them via man in the middle attacks; they need to make sure that they are secured and that communication between them and the wallets is encrypted end to end, so that no outsiders can snoop into communication or value transfers.
These nodes are the foundation upon which the blockchain is built, by allowing and validating transactions from wallet to wallet .
Komen: Good profits and Holding .
Is is better to miss 100 trades rather than facing 50% loss
zen cash is good project i will believe it will be groeth now on disturbing btc falling
Hi Sir, Do you really think it can go up?
whoisthelorax VishalGupta35
Agree good coin and heavily underpriced. A raw diamond like NEO was one. Any updates for TA?
+1 Balas
good coin ridiculous low marcet cap
+1 Balas
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