Crypto Mavericks: Zig Zag & Support Resistance + Alerts

Welcome to the Crypto Mavericks: Zig Zag & Support Resistance + Alerts!

This indicator is available for purchase on the website. A free trial is available by joining here
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How to use this indicator: First you must apply it to any chart, on any time frame. You will see BUY and SELL signals on the chart, Support & Resistance lines. And zig-zag trend lines for the most recent trends.
You can use this indicator to scalp or use for trend following on low time frames such as the 5m, 15m, 30m, etc. Or use this indicator on higher time frames such as the 1hr, 2hr, 4hr.
You can use regular candles but Heikin Ashi are recommended for better accuracy.

Settings alert: You can easily set buy/sell signals by selecting "Crypto Mavericks-Top Notch Crypto Scalp" in the set alerts tab and selecting TS Down Trend, or uptrend for buys and sells.

You can toggle on any of the different parts of the indicator; Including Zig Zags, support and Resistance , Trendlines , and higher highs and lower lows.

You can adjust Inputs for Risk, Size, Alert text on the chart by default(B & S for buy and sell), for support and resistance right and left pivot bars (indicating how many bars to the right and left to draw support and resistance (more bars may improve accuracy less may help include more recent dramatic moves. Feel free to tinker with the settings, the defaults included are recommended. (More Backtested presets coming in later versions)

For more info and education on how to effectively use this indicator, the rest of our indicators and learn the strategies to consistently win in any market condition go to our site members.cryptomavericks. io and make an account.

Keep Collecting crypto!

Josh Miller Co-Founder CEO Crypto Mavericks
contact@cryptomavericks. io
Oct 09
Catatan Pelepasan: Update v1.1
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