Market Timer MTF v3

This script is an oscillator, which is an extrapolation of Tom Demark Sequential ( TD Sequential) data from 9 different time-frames.

It counts Perfected 8+9, 10+13, Combo/Aggr 10+13 Buy and Sell Signals across these 9 timeframes
From this count, The Buys and Sells are totaled, and calculated by subtracting one from the other, creating an
arbitrary value or 'score'. Changing the type of Timeframes you use will generate different kinds of scores.

For example if I select timeframes 1min 3min 5min ... 30min, you will be focusing on overbought / oversold on very
short swings, maybe view that from 15 minutes TF- or something in the middle of your range of Timeframes.
Spreading them out will give better results for finding confluence in the recursive TD Sequencing.

The cutoff signal level is currently 9 'points' but feel free to raise/lower to suit your configuration.

When one of the MA's 'peak' and crosses itself changing direction, is a good signal to buy/sell. When the over extended zone ends, is another if price hasnt yet moved in the opposite direction.

No Alerts currently.

If you see you are in an overbought or oversold zone, look for another indicator to signal the trend change. I recommend fisher transform for that.

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