Banker Shares by Volume V2

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Characteristics of Banker Shares v2 (by volume ):

- Price rise and drop suddenly and sharply.
- Volume suddenly enlarge and shrink.
- The red bar shows the collection phase from bankers.
- The green bar shows the bankers ready to push up the stock.

Note: If the red bar appear after the green bar, it shows the bankers is not ready to push up the stock but it is still in the collection phase, you need to wait for another green bar.
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Hi, may I know whether you are willing to share the pine script for this indicator? thanks
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Hi, is it better if wait 2 bar to appear before decide an entry?
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Hi thx for the useful indicator. Is it possible to change the period from 14 to say 7 or lower to make it more sensitive?
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can I try this indicator? thanks in advance
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Can I have this code in Amibroker? Thanks! I know Homily so I consider this code is useful. Thanks!
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thanks for this great indicator.. what happen when there's no bar at all? like in the above chart... only in the middle chart has something.. other than that.. seems nothing?
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@azj, you are welcome.. please read the characteristic up there... maybe you can understand what the function of Banker Share after you know about the function of Banker Chip on Homily software. Thank you.
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steve8lily ChannelTrend
@ChannelTrend, Hi chief, how can I have your great setting?
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Hi Can u pls grant me access to this indicator, thanks!
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?? Thanks for the scritp. I want to add alert features,is it possible
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