ThaiSignal [TBX] - 20/50/100/200 MA

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Single Indicator to view 20/50/100/200 MA

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Script by and for
Catatan Pelepasan: Added Cross Over Indicator with a Flag below the Candle
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated with background Color to indicate Red(Short) & Green(Long)
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated mistake in Color for MA Cross Over
Catatan Pelepasan: Added EMA Cross Over Indicator in the top of the chart with Arrow Up/Down + EMA/MA Crossover marked with a Square
When these 2 come close to each other we can see high price movement.
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated with
- New "1S" indicator which tells you to sell
- Polka Dot aka "The Road" ATR Stop-Limit Range
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated. Removed 5 EMA AND 5MA to reduce number of lines in the chart.
Catatan Pelepasan: Also removed 5MA AND 8MA so its more clean and easy to use.
Catatan Pelepasan: UPDATE 1S / 1B
- These 2 indicators work optimal on 1hr chart for entry and exit. Do mind common resistance and support like MA from 1D chart if the indicator was wrong at some point. There must have been a resistance/support

Dont forget to come join our chat and help improve all TBX Indicators if you have some idea
Catatan Pelepasan: fixed wrong B1
Catatan Pelepasan: fixed 20ma 2 error
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated

MA Source choice default = open
New updated buy/sell blue arrow works perfectly high success rate in 5min, 15min, 1hr charts for day trader
Catatan Pelepasan: updated description
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