For Linebreak charts


Deviations alert automatically measures price volatility by relating a pairs price to its moving average & shows a directional signal on the bottom of the chart.

A directional long/short alert can then be set from the alert to give a live notification of changing market conditions.

These deviaion levels are derived from live data but the stability of Linebreak charts allows the code to not repaint.

By visually laying out deviation levels on the bottom of the chart with red & green arrows, Deviations alert allows complex standard deviation levels to be identified and used correctly.

Deviations alert can be used alone for long/short signals or used as a visual aid to assist in identifying levels on the chart.

This alert will show Deviation moves for the any timeframe as it adjusts to the current chart with the current level clearly highlighting possible price turning points.

Deviations alert allows easy determination of levels than can assist in identifying trade entry, profit, target or reversal levels for chartists.

Exclusive: This exclusive indicator is ideal for traders looking for a unique and non-repainting alert.

Advantages: Alert shows forming trends live on linebreak. Can also be used on kagi, renko & other linebreaks but for accuracy we recommend Linebreak.

Limitations: For use only with Linebreak charts. We do not reccomend this indicator to be used on candles or Heikin Ashi if you desire no repaint.

TradingView account needed: pro subscription or higher (to view linebreak charts)

How to gain access to this script:


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